Record Store Day is Almost Here!


Attention all you audiophiles out there! If you didn’t know, the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day will be commencing Saturday, April 22nd 2017. In celebration of this informal holiday, Murfie will be selling a number of handpicked CDs.

Record Store Day was founded in 2007 as a means of celebrating the culture of the independent record store. It brings together musicians, fans and records stores alike from all across the globe. A number of records are pressed specifically for the occasion and are distributed to participating shops in various countries. Live performances also take place in various record stores during this day.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that St. Vincent (a frequent contributor to Record Store Day), was elected to be its ambassador! In the past she offered a red seven-inch single in 2012, a ten-inch in 2015 and took part in a Vinyl Tuesday panel.

The staff here at Murfie are excited to celebrate this holiday with both its customers and the community. No doubt we will be doing a little digging of our own! We will be announcing our newly listed CDs next week before the big event so stay tuned.

Which artists are on your Record Store Day wishlist? The Murfie shop might have just what your looking for!

What’s Your Most Beloved “Retro Media” Format?

Granted, I’m an overly nostalgic person, but I think for most people, old media formats hold a certain magic and retain a lot of their original charm. It’s the whole retro-cool thing: throwback media formats automatically give you distinctive taste and an air of authenticity in a mass consumer digital age.

I would be remiss if I counted my chickens before they hatched, though. I mean, I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice in my life, and I could very well have misconstrued this retro-media nostalgia. So, help me out! Do you still care about retro media? And if so, which one is your beloved? Take this here poll…

Physical Formats: They Will Stay With Us Forever

I heart you, PBS “Off Book.” You… you complete me.

Off Book, a web-original series from PBS Arts, recently produced an episode titled “We ❤ Retro Media: Vinyl, VHS, Tapes & Film” — and just between you and me, I’ve got a crush on it.

The short documentary explores the spectrum of physical formats — and why physical media is still attractive to so many people in a digital age. One of my favorite quotes from the video is

[Physical music] is an archival format… it will stay with us forever.

What do you guys think? Do you still care about so-called “retro media”? Let me know in the comment section below!