Read this…

…if you’re scared stiff of remote CD storage

Don’t be afraid of us. Don’t be afraid of sending us your CDs and storing them in our secure facility. Don’t be afraid of accessing rips and downloads of your CDs. But do be afraid, very afraid, of becoming a hoarder.

If you’re on the borderline of becoming a bona fide “person who accumulates things and hides them away for future use,” read this blog post by Leo Babauta, creator and writer of Zen Habits. It’s about learning how to get rid of things and freeing yourself of extra burdens. For us music lovers, the best section is on “Reducing Clutter,” so I’ve posted it below. Read it, and then recite this three times: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

A very green shout-out

The 3 Rs

We are as pleased as punch that folks have been picking up on our recycling practices. Thanks to some great stories by The New York Times: Green Blog and TreeHugger. My favorite part has to be The NY Times calling us “Virtuous” and “Fun”. How very flattering! If you didn’t get a chance to read the articles (tsk, tsk!), let me recap.

We recycle plastic jewel cases.
How? After our 90-Day Guarantee expires, we round up the jewel cases that came with your mail-in kit, and deliver them to our local Waste Management facility. Waste Management processes the recyclable materials and finds markets to manufacture new items from the recycled plastic.
How much? On an average trip to the recycling facility, we drop off a ton of plastic!
Why’s that important?
It’s always better to recycle than to dispose.

We sell used music compact discs.
How? Once we receive your CD collection at our HQ, we post all your discs to your Murfie account. Start making sales and trades with other Murfie members, so that CDs get to have a longer life. When products are reused, their life becomes a continues cycle.
How much? As many CDs as you’d like to send us and list for sale on Murfie. ;)
Why’s that important?
It’s always better to reuse than to dispose.

Disposing waste is bad because it usually means one of two things: landfill or incineration. Both are icky for the environment. In fact, disposal is the least attractive option in waste management. The Rs are much more eco-friendly: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Waste management is kind of like a pecking order. If you need a visual aid, take a look at this waste hierarchy (it’s a pyramid that classifies waste management strategies according to their desirability). If you want to recycle your CDs and packaging, but don’t want to sell them on Murfie, take a look at the CD Recycling Center of America. It’s an incredibly helpful website dedicated to disc recycling education, awareness, and options.

Lose the dead weight

Your CD collection is too heavy

Did you know that 10 CDs weigh approximately 2 pounds? That means, if you do the math, 100 CDs weigh 20 pounds. And 300 CDs weigh 60 pounds. And face it, most of y’all have at least 300 discs lurking in some nook and cranny of your home.

But losing weight, 60 pounds of weight, takes strength, courage, and confidence. Lucky for you, I’ve got some inspirational songs to help you out. If you lack motivation, I highly recommend that you give ’em a listen. They’re pretty much all from training or fight montages in 80s movies, or they’re just straight-up 80s songs. (Go figure.)

But beware. They are frighteningly powerful, and you’ll have enough fist pumps to last the entire day.

Ride into the danger zone.
Turn me loose.
It’s the eye of the tiger.
Nothing’s gonna stop us now.
I need a hero.
Don’t stop believing.
Oh we’re not gonna take it.
You’re the best around.
Take me where the future’s lying.

Trading on Murfie

One woman’s journey

So, IMHO, a kick-butt aspect of Murfie is trading – which allows members to swap CDs in the blink of an eye (read: click of a button). What more could you ask for?! Erhm, clarification. Ok, you got me: I do realize there’s some confusion when it comes to trading CDs on Murfie. My solution? Have Alyssa, staffer extraordinaire, walk you through the process. Here’s a tale of her epic journey:

I’ll admit, I didn’t get trading at first. I got an email telling me that someone had offered me a trade. I read the message closely, looked at my options and thought – hold on now, I offer what, and then accept who? BUT let me tell you: once you complete your first trade, I can almost promise that you’ll be hooked.

So let me break it down real nice and easy – no fuss, no muss! First, hop on over to Murfie and start a-lookin’ at albums. See a disc you like? [Maybe something classic, like this.] Hit the blue “Offer Trade” button that’s on the album page.

Once you hit that magic button, you’ll be prompted to select some of your own discs for trade. (Eye for an eye, people!) Feel free to offer everything in your Murfie collection by hitting the “Select All” button OR just a couple discs by checking the box next to whichever album. You can also copy your last offer by hitting the – what da ya know? – “Copy Last Offer” button.

Once you submit the trade offer (hit the button!), your proposed CD swap will be posted to the recipient’s account, where they get to weigh the options and decide which of your discs they want. If they dig one of the albums you offered – boom, trade completed! You get the disc you wanted (and that other person gets the disc they wanted)…and you will both be notified via email.

The first time I completed a trade, I wanted to give someone a high five (sadly, I was alone). I also wanted more. I offered five or six more trades within the next day. It kind of felt like I was getting away with something whenever I completed a trade. But of course, I wasn’t. It’s just part of the awesomeness of the Murfie universe. And folks, that’s no crime!

So, don’t be bashful. Get out there and offer up a trade. And then, not to be pushy, but do it again!

For the frugal music lover

10 things to do with your old CDs

Yeah, yeah, “they” say CDs are a thing of the past. Fair enough. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. But let’s get real. Lots of us still warehouse sprawling compact disc collections. And lots of us don’t like acting as babysitter.

So, what the heck are we supposed to do with the plastic little buggers making Jenga towers in our closets and attics? Some suggestions…

1) Make an ornament. No tree is complete without a little sparkle.
2) Use as a coaster. One can never have enough coasters.
3) Make a disco ball. Bring.back.disco.fever.
4) Use as a compact mirror. Beauty is everything.
5) Make a Murf-wolf. They are the coolest species ever. Since the liger, that is.
6) Use as a frisbee. Face it, you were never that accurate anyway.
7) Make a suncatcher. Way more classy than a mother of pearl one.
8) Use as a shuffleboard disc. Don’t try this on a cruise ship. Unofficial shuffleboard equipment judged…harshly.
9) Make wallpaper. I don’t have a good reason. My bad.
10) Use as a driveway reflector. Impress your neighbors with unparalleled creativity.

Of course, you can always just send ’em to Murfie.