The cloud + music

How the cloud is gobbling up everything in sight

No doubt about it, the cloud is positioned to completely change the way we store, access, and consume personal files. Online storage of data, at your fingertips, with a web browser. No wonder it’s the talk of the town. Right now, a lot of the conversation is focused on the cloud + digital media…that is, storing music files in the cloud. Are you ready for that? Jon Pareles at NYTimes sure is, and he’s put out a fantastic article disclosing his excitement for cloud music services, but at the same time mulling over their limitations. [Seriously, if you know anything or nothing at all about cloud computing, it’s a great read.]

One of the biggest assets of the cloud, Pareles says, is that it dematerializes physical media.

That sounds kinda familiar, doesn’t it? Yep, the cloud and Murfie have something in common. Murfie wants to eliminate physical media sprawl too. Via our free shipping kits, we’ll help you lighten up your home by taking on the physical burden of your CD collection. The bigger question is, is Murfie compatible (even complementary!) to cloud music services? Well, as Pareles mentions, it’s definitely a pain to upload your music into the cloud, especially when it comes to physical discs.

But hey!, Murfie can totally take care of this concern. Per your request, we’ll rip your stacks of CDs, convert the music into digital files in the format of your choice, and make the ripped files available for you to download. If you want those music files in the cloud, no problem – all you gotta do is upload them…which is a whole lot easier than having to rip ’em.

Ok, let’s now schedule a timeout for reactions and comments. What do you think…can Murfie live in the same world as cloud music services? Should there be a world where only the cloud exists to serve your music consumption needs? Doesn’t the cloud impinge on the benefits of true music ownership?