Audiophile Forums, Vol. 2

Forums are among the most useful resources out there. Technology and music are huge topics that audiophiles feel passionate about, so as you might guess, there are a ton of interesting discussions happening online.

We love finding out when our members spread the word about Murfie in forums. It’s fun to see ourselves named as leaders in cloud storage, FLAC music, CD ripping, low album prices and lossless streaming, As a growing company, we appreciate your support!

In our previous article we recommended Head-Fi,, and ComputerAudiophile for music lovers. This time we’re recommending four more, which would be wise to check out!


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Music ownership vs. streaming

The line must be drawn here! This far and no further!

The battle between music ownership and streaming rages on. Both sides have their virtues. Owning music (definition: owning physical discs, either locally or remotely) gives you control and reliability, while streaming music over the Internet is all about access to a big music catalog. Somewhere in between is buying digital tracks or albums off online music stories like iTunes and Amazon, which gives you the license to listen to the music.

What camp do you fall in? Let us know in the poll. Then force your friends to take it. Scientia potentia est (knowledge is power)!