New Direction for Murfie

Many changes are underway in 2016 at Murfie. As the world’s first streaming music service for CD and vinyl owners, our focus has long been on building the cloud infrastructure and processing capability required for moving CD and vinyl collections online. With this foundation in place, we’re shifting our focus in 2016 to our marketplace of albums, with the goal of having the largest selection of lossless music on the web.

In conjunction with this new focus, Murfie has raised additional capital, led by WISC Partners, LP, and is in the process of relocating its offices from the Capitol Square in Madison to a larger facility better able to support our growth trajectory.

Murfie’s Board has named Chris Wheeler as CEO, replacing co-founder Matt Younkle who, along with Preston Austin, had led the company since its inception in 2010. Wheeler, a UW-Madison engineering alumnus, Harvard Business School graduate, and founder of Heritage Ventures, brings significant growth management and capital sourcing experience to Murfie. We’re excited to have his expertise as we scale our offering for music enthusiasts and expand our work with independent artists.

Austin and Younkle will continue as strategic advisors to Murfie. In addition, Younkle will continue to serve on the Murfie Board of Directors, along with Wheeler and WISC Partners principal Mike Splinter. Austin, with Kelly Hiser, will continue as co-founder of Rabble LLC, Murfie’s library-focused spinoff.

The Move, Part 2: “…and in with the new!”

So the dust has settled, and our new Murfie office is looking great as ever. The carpet is carpeted, the paint is painted, the windows are…well, you get the idea.

7 N. Pinckney sure feels like home now. Check out part 2 of our moving story…

All in all, we are really diggin’ our new digs!

How To Thwart a $5M CD Heist! [Video]

March 2, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the CD in the good ol’ US of A. Americans own tens of billions of CDs, and Murfie’s mission is to warehouse them all—“upgrading” them with streaming and downloading for the 21st century.

Murfie is celebrating this auspicious moment by moving! Our customers now trust us with over $5,000,000 of their CDs and we’re receiving over 10,000 more CDs each week. And we take that trust verrry seriously—with armed police officers!

We just plum ran out of storage space! The setup of our new warehouse will be completed on the 2nd in honor of the 30th anniversary. Dangit—we just LOVE CDs :-) .

Your CDs are turning 30—isn’t it about time you kicked ‘em out of the house?!?! Send us yours:

In honor of the anniversary, and our move, we put together this little video that we hope you’ll enjoy! How does one safely and securely move 20,000 lbs of Compact Discs? Watch and find out!

Happy US Birthday, Compact Disc!

Notice: Moving Today (Temporary Delays)

The time has come! We are moving our Murfie office down the street, discs and all.

Please bear with us as we embark on this moving adventure. Starting now, you may experience temporary delays with:

  • Downloads
  • Customer support
  • New streaming requests

We expect to be fully back in action tomorrow (Tuesday) evening. Thanks in advance for your patience, peeps!

Oh, by the way— here’s our new address:

7 N. Pinckney Street, Suite 300
Madison, WI 53703

And no worries about Shipping Kits already in transit— everything will be forwarded accordingly. Catch you on the flip side!

Streaming in Murfieland

We’re always pleased as punch to deliver good news to our Murfie members— I mean, who wouldn’t be?
Here goes…

Starting today, unlimited streaming is included with every purchase on Murfie! No subscription required.

So this means:

You can stream all the discs you purchase on Murfie, anytime, anywhere, using our mini player in any web browser or your favorite Sonos device! All streaming, all ze time, for everybody!!! (And someone started a rumor that there might be iOS and Android apps on the way— we don’t know who, though!)

You will now see a $1 transaction fee set in place for all purchases of member-sold discs on our site, which is waived for Murfie Gold members.

From now until March 31st, everyone gets to experience the full benefits of the new Murfie Gold membership— absolutely free. With the new Murfie Gold, you’ll get all the best goodies that music-lovers love, including:

  • No $1 transaction fee
  • One free Shipping Kit (send up to 200 discs to add to your online collection for free)
  • Exclusive album trading with other Gold Members

Here’s your chance to live the Gold life til March 31st, absolutely free, and really live it up!

For all you current Murfie Gold members out there, keep an eye out for an e-mail explaining special benefits just for you.

We say:
Change is goooood!

The Move, Part 1: “Out with the old…”

Well, you know what they say— “Out with the old, in with the new.” And with that said, it’s time for us to move our Murfie office!

It’s no secret that with Murfie has grown a TON over the past couple years. Yay for us (and for you!)! But with such huge growth, our current space availability for discs, and for staff, has been getting more and more… snug, shall we say.

So, we decided to move— all the way to— the next block down the street! Lucky for us, we get to stay on the lovely Madison capitol square.

Here’s the first of a series of photos that document our move: the joy, the sweat, the tears, the reward! Enjoy.

We’re getting there… just a few things left to do. Wish us luck as we move in to our new space!

Milestone Alert! Disc Count = 200,000+

I am as pleased as punch to announce that we’ve hit another major milestone here at Murfie HQ. Our current disc count now tops 200,000 albums (201,532 to be exact). Meaning, there’s now more than 200,000 albums up for sale or trade in our marketplace.

That’s a Whole Lotta Love music, amirite?

So, whenever you’ve got that music-lovin’ feelin’, here’s a tip. Try browsing the selection on Murfie; one of those 201,532 new and used albums just might be calling your name. Variety is the spice of a good music collection. (Also, make sure to let us know if you happen to reconnect with an old flame or find a brand new love on—we enjoy hearing from happy couples!)