Murfberry Pi

As you may know not too long ago Murfie opened the doors on a new streaming music service we like to call “Murfie Everywhere“. Currently you can stream any disc in your collection to a browser and listen to it without the hassle of downloading, syncing, etc., which is pretty cool, no?

However the browser is just the beginning. In addition to this we are working on several new ways to stream your music library. Of course there are the expected ways like on your smartphone, or perhaps a high-quality-streaming-music player, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

You see, it’s a bit of a pastime of mine to try and get my Murfie library streaming on any device I can get my hands on and I wanted to try this on the simplest, most bare-bones device I could find. Enter the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny, $25 single-board computer that you can hook up to your TV, and it runs Linux. The slightly more expensive version even has an ethernet port (a critical ingredient for a streaming music device) so this seemed like a perfectly viable target for the cheapest, simplest Murfie Anywhere player.

Of course I expected there to be challenges (even the more sophisticated machines we’ve been porting to have had hang-ups) but thanks to the completeness of the Raspberry Pi’s implementation (it’s really a full-blown Linux compute) and our well-designed API I was able to put this little demo together in about an hour (crank up the volume for full effect):

It’s kind of hard to tell from the video, but the player is actually completely self-contained on the Raspberry Pi as a console application.

Got something you’d like to stream your Murfie library to? Send your challenges to and we’ll give it a shot!