This Week in Music History (June 19th-25th)

What’s music history got for us this week? Learn up and boogie down!

8078-large6/19- On this day in 1988, Michael Jackson played a concert next to the Berlin Wall, on the west side. He pumped the music way up so that people on the east side could hear. Any east sider who tried to get close to the wall to listen was violently kept back by police.

13335-large6/20- On this day in 1974, Bob Dylan & the Band released Before the Flood, a double live album with final recordings taken from Los Angeles and New York shows.

MI00029147286/21- On this day in 1991, Little Richard received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The “overjoyed force of personality in his singing” is one that is easily recognized in tunes like “Good Golly Miss Molly” and “Tutti Frutti”.

20864-large6/22- On this day in 1990, Billy Joel performed an epic concert at the old Yankee Stadium. It’s been claimed that this was the first major concert in the stadium’s history. 60,000 fans were in attendance, which was more than the seating capacity of baseball games at that time.

102505-large6/23- On this day in 1929, June Carter Cash was born. Performing with her family from a young age, she was already a country music star. Her success continued throughout her entire life, including the 35 years she was married to Johnny Cash.

40960-large6/24- On this day in 1977, some quirky stuff went down in Madison. Elvis was in town for a show, and he spotted a fight between some young men when he was riding down East Washington avenue. After getting out of his limo, he allegedly warned the men, saying, “I’ll take you on.” Not only did this make the men stop fighting, but it left them amazed to have spotted Elvis.

222995-large6/25- On this day in 2009, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away at age 50. His music will forever influence genres from pop/rock to rap and R&B, and many more.

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New Cool Collection: Coachella Headliners!

A new Cool Collection has hit the Murfie marketplace—Coachella Headliners!

This weekend’s festival in California has inspired us to bring some of the music to everyone, whether you are attending in person or not.

In the new collection, you’ll find albums by the artists who have performed at Coachella since way back in 1999:


Beastie Boys  
Performed in ’03


Massive Attack
Performed on ’04

54913-largeManu Chao 
Performed in ’07




DJ Tiesto
Performed in ’10


The Black Keys
Performed in ’11

Performed in ’12
via hologram



You’ll also find Beck, The Chemical Brothers, Tegan and Sara, Bjork, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jane’s Addiction, Blur, Of Monsters and Men, Rage Against the Machine…and many, many more!

Stay tuned—we’ll give you an update this weekend with info about who is performing in real-time, and link you to the right albums to buy.

Check out the Coachella Headliners Cool Collection, and get groovin’!


When I’m not at Murfie HQ, I host a radio show called U-Dub on Wednesday nights on 91.7FM WSUM-Madison. Being a reggae DJ has given me great opportunities that mean a lot to me, and I love every second of it.

This past weekend I had a particularly wonderful experience! Toots & the Maytals came to town for a show, and I was lucky enough to meet Toots Hibbert, a living legend, after the show.

Toots is widely known as the “Grandfather of Reggae.” With his 1960s hit song “Do the Reggae,” he was actually responsible for giving the genre its name! You may have heard songs like “54-46 That’s My Number” and “Pressure Drop,” among many others.

Toots was so nice! He gave me a hug right away, and he has the happiest smile you will ever see! I had a little chat with him for my radio show, and if you want you can listen in this Wednesday at 7pm Central time.

In the above photo, that’s me and Toots after the show. Fierce, right?!

Listen to radio show online
U-Dub on Facebook

Discovering the Old through the New

Though I like to consider myself ahead of the curve on what’s good in music, the truth of the matter is even with the greatest amount of effort, I cannot even scratch the surface of the vast music scene. Sometimes belated discovery of music that tickles our fancy presents itself indirectly, in my case most often through concerts. Most recently, I’ve taken to the stylings of indie act Meg & Dia after photographing Dia Frampton‘s show in support of her solo debut, a follow-up to her appearance on NBC’s The Voice.

In all honesty, I never checked out Meg & Dia after watching the first two episodes of The Voice, even though Dia’s audition stood out as being one of my favorites. Fortunately, country star Blake Shelton wasted no time in selecting her for his team, pushing her through to become runner-up of the show’s inaugural season. If that primetime spotlight wasn’t enough, Shelton has included Dia as his opening act on his nationwide tour, helping promote her debut album Red.

Madison was gifted with a more intimate performance by Dia and pals, a short jaunt off of Shelton’s tour. As support, her sister Meg and members of Meg & Dia’s touring group shared the stage. Throughout the performance, the musicians continually jumped from one instrument to the next, demonstrating the dynamic style of Dia’s more folksy solo works. Midway through their set, Dia treated the audience with a nod to the group’s prior material, a performance of the villainous love story “Bandits” off of Meg & Dia’s latest album Cocoon (I’ll allow Meg to describe the amusing developments of this performance on her blog). That’s the moment I realized I had been an idiot for not checking out their material sooner.

While Dia’s solo work dives deeper into her personal experiences, the charismatic works of Meg & Dia with darkly tinged lyrics also strike a chord with me. I’m now a fan bewildered by how I’ve managed to avoid exposure until now.

Surely I am not alone. What earlier projects have you discovered through their members’ newer activities?