Top 10 Most-Owned Albums!

For so long, the most popular album on Murfie—in terms of overall number in our ecosystem—has been Dave Matthews Band Crash. Today, a literal new paradigm shift is upon us, as information has unearthed about our new most popular album on the site.

(…and it’s leading the board by ONE copy! ONE!)

To please the list-loving humans that we are, here’s a list of our Top 10 albums on Murfie. Do you have these in your collection? Most are available right now for $1 – $3!

Achtung Baby #1. U2
Achtung Baby

431 copies

Crash#2. Dave Matthews Band

430 copies

Jagged Little Pill#3. Alanis Morissette
Jagged Little Pill

422 copies

Come Away With ME#4 – Tie! Norah Jones
Come Away With Me

416 copies

The Joshua Tree#4 – Tie! U2
The Joshua Tree

416 copies

Under the Table and Dreaming#5. Dave Matthews Band
Under the Table and Dreaming

384 copies

Unplugged#6. Eric Clapton

368 copies

Supernatural#7. Santana

351 copies

Cracked Rear View#8 – Tie! Hootie & the Blowfish
Cracked Rear View

347 copies

James Taylor Greatest Hits#8 – Tie! James Taylor
Greatest Hits

347 copies

Sufacing#9. Sarah McLachlan

344 copies

Legend#10. Bob Marley & the Wailers

343 copies

So what does this all mean, though? This list doesn’t closely correspond to the reported top selling albums of all time. Perhaps Murfie members are a group of like-minded folk, or perhaps we’re all around the same age, and have been exposed to the same big hits during our lifetimes. In any case, it’s interesting to make note of the patterns we see in our own music community!

Special Delivery!


We had an extra special Kit delivery yesterday. One of our Murfie members is Ian, owner of the famous Madison pizzeria, Ian’s Pizza.

Ian requested a Shipping Kit to add his CDs from home to his Murfie collection, and we requested something too…some pizza!

Our staff definitely enjoyed this delivery a lot, and luckily it happened just around lunchtime.

Check out the disc that was on the very top of Ian’s collection—Crash by the Dave Matthews Band! No joke! [See yesterday’s article]

Thanks, Ian! We hope you enjoy your Murfie experience as much as we enjoy your awesome pizzas!!

Crash: Our Most Popular Disc (319 copies!)

On this day in 1996, the Dave Matthews Band released their 2nd studio album, Crash.


Crash is a special album in particular because it’s our most populous disc on Murfie! At the moment, it is owned by 319 Murfie members—can you believe that?

In a Rolling Stone album review, the Dave Matthews Band has been said to be “among those groups vying to continue the ideals of the live Dead, exploring diverse sounds from a rock perspective in a commitment to free-flowing improvisation.” It’s safe to say that being compared to the Grateful Dead is an honor that any modern band can be very proud of.

Do you have Crash in your collection yet? Good news, there’s plenty of these babies to go around, and they’re only a buck right now!