We Bid Adieu to TechStars – Demo Day

We made it! Demo Day on May 3rd marked the end of the TechStars Boston program. It was the chance of a lifetime to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists.

Heading into TechStars Demo Day, we had the honor of being the #2 most-buzzed about company, as ranked by Boston.com. Which is pretty sweet. Matt Younkle, co-founder & CEO of Murfie, also gave, if I may say so, a pretty sweet presentation to a room full of investors, press, and tech community members.

Here are some of the cooler factoids Matt shared with the audience:

  • You can think of Murfie as a bank for your music.
  • A Murfie member buys 15 times as many albums as your average music buyer.
  • “Send, Store, Stream” will soon be our new motto (streaming is now in private beta!).
  • Murfie Gold members can get access to beta streaming.
  • We’re working on browser, phone, and tablet streaming!
Pretty cool indeed, huh? In case you weren’t there, in Boston, to witness all the awesomeness, here’s a photo of Matt up on the Demo Day stage, doing his thing…