How-to: filter your mini player

We’re pretty darn excited to announce that, today, we just rolled out another brand new feature. This one goes out to all the fine folks who’ve upgraded to music streaming on Murfie—you can now filter your mini player, by artist or album title, in real time!

We think that’s pretty great (do you?)…because having a filter function makes it a heck of a lot easier, and faster, to find the album you want to listen to. That’s just our opinion, though. Let us know what you think on facebook and twitter—we sincerely lurve hearing your fresh and honest feedback.

Now, let’s get down to some brass tacks. Here’s a few tips on how to use our music streaming “mini player”:

  • You can stream any album in your Murfie music library, from any web browser.
  • When signed into your Mufie account, you should see a “My Music” tab at the bottom of your browser—just open this “mini player” to view, filter and listen to all the discs in your library.
  • Some of your discs may not yet be ready for streaming; instead they’re processing. As soon as the “Processing” label disappears, the disc is ready for streaming!

Ditch or Date Your CD Collection?

Well, now, ain’t that something. Just 1-2 percent of music fans across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are ditching their CDs, according to a recent study. In fact, nearly 3/4 keep their CDs safe and sound, on display, at home.

What’s more is that more than 1/2 in the region are still listening to music via CDs. Sorta surprising given that music streaming service of the moment Spotify was founded in Sweden. I guess the people just love the warm fuzzy feeling of owning, and playing, something physical.

Hey, so tell us in the comments section below what you’re doing with your CD collection? Have you sent your discs to Murfie yet? We’d sure love to know what your plan of attack is.

Nuts About Music

Just a bit of random, squirrelly fun. Because… it’s Funday Monday. All “jokes” aside, we have a kick-butt graphic designer here at Murfie, so this “squirrel on discs” was whipped up in a matter of minutes. Hope you like it.

(Also, here’s to hoping you are as nuts about music as we are.)

Quality Assurance Sweep

Hey, we’re sprucing up our shop! It’s not the most exciting of topics, but it is important, so read on…

As we plug away at making THE friendliest music marketplace, we’re learning a lotta stuff along the way. One thing sticks out in particular: shoppers want more details before purchasing a CD. So, starting this week, we’re going to review every disc at Murfie HQ. We’ll be looking into disc quality, album art, and liner notes.

We’ll also be verifying that every disc listed for sale or trade on Murfie is perfectly readable. That means some of your discs currently marked for sale or trade might be deemed unfit to sell or trade after the review period, though you’ll still have access to downloads for personal use. If you’re strictly using Murfie to sell and trade your CDs, we’ll offer deeply discounted options if you want any of these discs back. Alternatively, you can direct us to recycle any of these discs.

Needless to say, we’ll be forking out more info as we begin the quality assurance sweep in earnest. This is nothing to fret about; the review process only stands to improve the site for everyone. We promise!