Product placements killed the video star

Product plugs in music videos

Prior to the product placement plague, I actually liked watching music videos. I’m not ashamed to say I anticipated the release of many a music video. I regularly tuned into music video stations, like MTV (during their heyday, before they dropped the “Music Television” part and latched onto non-music programming), to see what my song of the moment looked like.

Back in this heyday, advertisers had limited opportunities for embedded marketing in music videos. MTV was the go-to channel for music videos, and it was their policy to blur logos and brand names out of the videos they aired. Kind of a wet blanket for product placement, huh? That blanket has dried in recent years. Today, online video is king, the Internet the preferred destination to watch and share video. Lucky for advertisers, artists, and record labels, video hosting websites, like YouTube and VEVO, permit paid product placements. A jackpot for advertisers: the product they want to sell becomes a permanent fixture in a video that can snag an infinite number of views. A drag for us viewers: 7 music videos with blatant product placement.

Sorta makes you nostalgic for the 80s and 90s, don’t it? So, let’s have a share session. Which music video was the apple of your eye? If you show me yours (in the comments section), I’ll show you mine (see below). It’s the simple story of a man, a woman, her T-Bird [side note: I’m torn. Is this a prop or product placement for Ford? Help me!]…and his desire.