Keith’s Picks

Even though we are still experiencing quite a cold spell here at Murfie HQ, Spring has arrived! It’s that time of the year for spending time outdoors and finally being able to drive around the city with the windows down and the stereo on blast. Here are some great albums to listen to, and some activities to help prepare you for the Spring music season:

Big D and the Kids TableStrictly Rude

ImageThis album is great for getting together with friends and having a ska-punk riot dance off. Really shouting “Noise Complaint!” will provide constant enjoyment…unless, you know, wishes are granted and you get a visit from good ‘ol Officer Bill.

I’d suggest starting your Spring out the right way by listening to “Shining On” and going for a well-deserved long walk. Be careful, though, because if you’re walking around in the Midwest, you may slip on some ice. (Listen responsibly, kids.)

The English BeatI Just Can’t Stop ItImage

Okay, so this post is starting out with some sort of ska-fueled trend. It’s for good reason, because ska music can be great for pretty much everyone. The English Beat are no exception. This album is great for a more chilled-out and relaxing experience, like a long bike ride or walk in the park.

 Various Artists – American Pie 2 Soundtrack / Euro Trip Soundtrack


ImageHop in the car and go on a road trip! Pop in an album that makes you nostalgic, and think about those days where you could enjoy some fresh-baked pastry or a spontaneous trip around the globe. If you’re in the Midwest, roll the windows down and turn up the heat! If you’re a former punk-rock “obscurist” such as myself, you can still enjoy these memorable tunes from the back seat, where your fellow mow-hawk-supporting comrades won’t be able to judge you.

Godspeed You! Black EmperorAllelujah! Don’t Bend Ascend

ImageRainy days come and go, sometimes you may want to stay in bed with a warm cup of tea and a good book. Don’t read often? Try out some music literature with this album. It’s quite different than others, because like a great piece of art, it’s best to be left for the listener to interpret on their own. This dark and disturbingly beautiful album is ideal for those of us who love spending time listening to the sound of the rain. Are you a Fan of Godspeed You! Black Emperor? You may also enjoy the band Enablers—they even just released a new album.