New Cool Collection: Staff Picks

Happy Monday, Murfieland!

We’re starting this week off on a sweet note by announcing our newest Cool Collection in the marketplace…Staff Picks!

A little birdie told us the Cool Collections are a big hit. So far, we’ve launched the Top 100 albums of all time and the Top 100 debut albums. We wanted to include our favorite recommendations into the mix, hand-picked by the entire staff at Murfie.

You can find our newest Cool Collection anytime by checking the left sidebar of our marketplace—and you can expect fresh Staff Picks every week, of course!

Happy browsing :-)

Curious CDs

Here’s a great genre-bending album for this weeks’s most interesting disc (if you don’t mind a hint of goofiness in your tunes):

Take a Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute to Rap – Various Artists

imageThe Facts:

  • This is a collection of well-known rap songs that have been re-invented by bands like Cottonmouth Kings, Everlast, and the always-ridiculous Bloodhound Gang
  • When listening to this album, you should not expect it to be FCC clean
  • Hearing Dynamite Hack sing “Boyz-N-The-Hood” in a nonchalant tone might be the most hilarious thing you’ll ever hear

It’s curious to hear how something sounds coming from a new context. On that note, have you heard of Richard Cheese, the lounge singer who re-makes songs like “Baby Got Back” in a completely new tone? There are a lot of great String Tributes out there too, covering everyone from Linkin Park to Fleetwood Mac. Surely Weird Al approves!

Shopkeep of the Week

jeff pic

In early 2011, JP’s CD collection took a journey from the warm climes of New Mexico to the waning winter of Wisconsin. Since then he has sold hundreds of his pre-loved CDs on Murfie and has over 200 more listed for sale.

JP’s musical tastes run in quite a few directions, and his CD collection numbered about 1,200 discs at its peak! He’s a big Motown guy. He’s also an avid fan of numerous singer-songwriters like Van Morrison, Dylan, Tom Waits, and Jim Croce. You’ll also find The Beatles, Wilco, Mumford and Sons, and The Allman Brothers Band sprinkled throughout his musical sundae—along with a few scoops of Kanye West, Miles Davis, and Oasis —all topped off with a Sinatra cherry! With that said, he admits that there are some stinkers in the collection too, but hey, we all make mistakes sometimes! :-)

MURFIE: When did you purchase your first CD? What was it?
JP: I think about 1986 —Peter Gabriel’s “So.”

M: What do you plan to do with the millions of dollars you’re making from your Murfie shop?
J: Buy an electric toothbrush.

M: Favorite Beatle?
J: Lennon —natch.

Check out JP’s collection on Murfie and find yourself a deal!

Shopkeep of the Week is a weekly feature that focuses on our most interesting Murfie shopkeepers. These are music lovers like you who have sold hundreds of pre-loved CDs on Murfie and have hundreds more at the ready to please your ears! If you’d like your Murfie Shop to be featured, or if you’d like to nominate a shop to be featured, please e-mail us at and let us know.

New Cool Collection on Murfie!

How are you diggin’ our first Cool Collection on Murfie, the Top 100 albums of all time?

If you haven’t heard, we’ve started creating Cool Collections of albums to provide some guided browsing through our enormous marketplace! (Check out our last article here.)

Well today, let me introduce you to our newest Cool Collection on Murfie—(and it’s a SUPER-cool one, I will add)—the Top 100 debut albums!

In this collection, pulled from Amazon’s 100 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time, you’ll see the early gems from bands like R.E.M. to Radiohead to Rage Against the Machine—ready to buy for just $1 and up! Each album here has been hand-picked for it’s unforgettable impact over the years to come.

You can find this new Cool Collection—and more to come—anytime by looking at the sidebar in our marketplace. So check it out, because these ones are gonna move FAST! Find out which debut album is your favorite of all time!

Curious CDs

Here’s what our staffers chose as this week’s most intriguing album. Check out this mashup!

From Bach, the Beatles, and Some Others — Horacio Franco & Victor Flores

142933-largeThe Facts:

  • The Beatles and Bach go hand in hand (…don’t they?)
  • The instruments on this album include an upright bass and a recorder. It’s not your typical combo, but who knows what the future of popular music holds!
  • This album is in limited supply—everything about it makes it a rarity!

The Beatles and Bach have both been re-invented many times, so it actually makes sense that these two are the focus of this album. We’re wondering what the case will be years from now…what combo will everyone be covering?

New: Cool Collections for guided browsing!

There’s a LOT of music in our Murfie Marketplace—that’s for sure!

There’s so much music, in fact, that we wanted to “break it down” a bit, and create themed sets of albums for you fine folks to browse through.

Behold!!! Murfie’s Cool Collections have arrived, and this is only the beginning of many more!

Head on over to our marketplace, and you’ll see our first Cool Collection on the sidebar: the “Top 100 albums of all time,” pulled from Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

In this collection, you’ll find music that’s absolutely tried and true. Some you might recognize, and some might be new. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Is there a Cool Collection that you’d love to see? Let us know! Send us a note at and we’ll see what we can do!

Happy browsing, Murfie people!

Curious CDs

There’s one CD that especially stood out to Murfie staffers this week—mostly because the musician responsible for this one is not the type you see everyday…

Bandi Legal — Sweet Micky

The Facts:

Now we’re wondering, when will Obama release his first album? (And will there be some Beyoncé on there?)