Six Murfie Truths

Very recently we did a lil round of Murfie fact vs fiction on our twitter feed, during which we shared 6 truths about the Murfie biz model and music marketplace. So without further ado… Welcome to Murfie Truth-Club.

The first rule of Murfie Truth-Club is: we never ever get rid of your album art and liner notes. They stay in storage with your disc collection at Murfie HQ. #MurfieFacts

The second rule of Murfie Truth-Club is: we cannot and will not accept cassette tapes or for that matter, mixtapes. CDs are our bread and butter. #MurfieFacts

Third rule of Murfie Truth-Club: we gots 250,517 discs resting (perhaps even sleeping?) safe and sound in our warehouse. #MurfieFacts

Fourth rule: owning your music gives you solid rights to sell or digitally access. Every album in our universe is backed by a physical disc. #MurfieFacts

Fifth rule: to date there are 203,696 discs for sale / for trade in our marketplace at #MurfieFacts

Sixth rule: how big is the biggest CD collection on Murfie? 3,174 discs big, is the answer. #MurfieFacts

And that, my friends, are the rules of fight club Murfie Truth-Club.