Interview with Steez [Podcast]

What the heck is “creepfunk”? What’s a “Steez”? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our interview with Madison-based five piece band Steez.

Who: Steve Neary and Chris Sell; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: The story behind Steez: the festivals, the bus(es), the infamous 12-pack…
Where: High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI
When: Saturday, October 13, 2012
How: Recorded by Kayla Liederbach
File: WAV version

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Murfie + live music = awesome sponsors Natty Nation show

Here at Murfie, we (obviously) think studio music is pretty awesome, but we also dig live music. If it’s local music, all the better. That’s why we jumped at the chance to partner with local reggae band Natty Nation for one of their upcoming shows in April. On Thursday, the 7th, they’ll be playing at the High Noon Saloon, a popular live music venue in downtown Madison, and we’ll be along for the ride, with a meet ‘n greet table and cool promo stuff.

Now, the event is billed as the Solidarity Show, backing the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s efforts to recall eight Republican Senators. Naturally, Murfie would prefer not to say which side we officially support, but we will say this – we do love Wisconsin, we are a Madison-based company, and we think music is awesome in all forms, so we are excited to be sponsoring this event. Natty Nation’s been “spreading positivity since 1995” through their signature reggae mix of ska, rocksteady, roots, rockers, steppers, dub, and conscious dancehall elements, and suffice to say, they put on a really great show. To prepare yourself, sample a taste of their music.

Thursday, April 7th. If you live in the Madison area…come one, come all. We’ll be there too. It really is your chance of a lifetime to meet some of the people behind, for sure to be an indelible experience. Not sufficiently tempting? (although I can’t imagine why not!) Then just come for the music. After all, that’s what it’s all about.