Interview with Icarus Himself [PODCAST]

Hey, guess what? We gots another audio file for you to ooh and aah over. This time around we sat down and chatted with Nick Whetro of Icarus Himself.

Who: Nick Whetro; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: A look at Icarus Himself: the history of the band, their sound, and their album Career Culture
Where: Hiller Studios, Madison, WI
When: Monday, February 6, 2012
How: Recorded by Jon Brumbaugh; intro music composed by Jon Brumbaugh

Icarus Himself interview (audio file)

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Interview about Project Lodge [PODCAST]

So, remember how I told you guys about Bookless and Project Lodge? (A refresher: Project Lodge, or Pro Lo as the cool kids like to say, is a hub for the community arts in Madison, Wisconsin.) As luck would have it, for all you curious cats, Murfie’s own Kayla Liederbach did some on-the-scene reporting at the not long past Project Lodge Benefit Show at the Majestic Theatre, which featured 5 local bands. Take a listen (and check out some photos from the Benefit, compliments of Evan Benner, another Murfie staffer).

Who: Tom Teslik, Anna Vogelzang; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: The Project Lodge, The Benefit Show, and local musicians: Anna Vogelzang, Whitney Mann, All Tiny Creatures, Icarus Himself, and Julian Lynch
Where: The Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI
When: Saturday, January 21, 2012
How: Recorded by Kayla Liederbach; intro music composed by Jon Brumbaugh

Project Lodge interview (audio file)


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Interview with Watercourse Quartet [PODCAST]

The staffers at Murfie are just bananas about music. One trio of guys is keeping particularly busy with music projects: Ben Willis, Brian Grimm, and Pat Reinholz. Along with Brian’s brother A.J, they make up a very unique string quartet called Watercourse Quartet. So, we sat them down for an interview.

Who: Watercourse Quartet; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: A look at the band, their unique style and use of improvisation
Where: Pat and Ben’s house, Madison, WI
When: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
How: Recorded by Jon Brumbaugh; editing by Kayla Liederbach; intro music composed by Jon Brumbaugh

Watercourse Quartet interview (audio file)

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Interview with Josh Harty [PODCAST]

We’re as pleased as punch to introduce our very first podcast! Look for us to share brand new audio interviews with local musicians and bands every month. This month we chatted with Madison’s own Josh Harty, a super cool, super talented alt-country artist.

Who: Josh Harty; interviewed by Kayla Liederbach
What: Josh’s background, music influences and style, and opinion on digital music
Where: Warehouse at Murfie HQ, Madison, WI
When: Friday, January 6, 2012
How: Recorded by Jon Brumbaugh; intro music composed by Jon Brumbaugh
File: mp3 version

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Q&A with Preston

Where dat jabber session at?

Hey, y’all. If you didn’t/don’t have time to read our October news, tips & tricks in its entirety (boo), I’ve taken the liberty to share the interview, contained in the newsletter, with Preston Austin, co-founder of Murfie, below. I’d recommend giving it at least a once-over with your eyes – the Q&A provides a little insight into the current state of Murfieland. (If you want to go above and beyond the call of duty, leave a Q that you want asked in our next jabber session in the comments section at the bottom of this post.)

Q1: Hey there, Preston. First off, let’s just state the obvious: Some great stuff going on in Murfieland right now. What’s the coolest development, in your humble, humble opinion?
A1: I think the coolest development recently has been our Murfie Gold product. Our frequent buyers and traders, who acquire more than a couple albums a month, are super excited to have no-fee downloads.

Q2: Why do you think Murfie is picking up steam?
A2: We have a great and growing selection of used and new CDs at low prices. We respect our members and their property, and offer a wide set of services to them, including high-quality digital delivery. All these things combine to be high-value to folks who really like to own their music.

Q3: Any ooh-and-aah features coming up? (If you want to be boring, it’s OK to share functional fixes too.)
A3: The big whoa features are a little back-endy right now. We’re about to roll out changes that make our digital delivery faster. This means you’ll usually have a download ready within minutes of buying or trading for a used CD, and we’ll be moving toward same-day for new CD purchases.

Q4: What are people not “getting” about Murfie that you want them to “get”?
A4: I think the most common confusion is “Where’s my disc!?” for CD buyers new to Murfie. If you come to Murfie thinking we’re a store that mails out pieces of plastic, it’s a little confusing. We need to make the fact that discs usually stay at Murfie, and you download the music after buying, more clear.

Q5: Ok, let’s cut the small talk with the big In A Year From Now question. Where do you see Murfie in October 2012? (No pressure, there are no wrong answers.)
A5: We’ll be well on our way toward being the least expensive, most convenient way to purchase the majority of used CDs ever published in the US. Our delivery speed and reliability will be mind-blowing. We’ll also be integrating Murfie with some of the best services out there.

Living bold on radio

Murfie meets The Kathleen Show

A week or so ago, Murfie exec Matt Younkle did his thing on The Kathleen Show, giving a darn good interview with the lovely Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau. The program, name dropped by Talkers Magazine as one of the country’s top 50 radio shows, is a mashup of good information and good times, featuring progressive thought leaders in the know about living big, bold and healthy. Rattling cages and making changes…who wants to give us a high five for making the cut?

Matt chatted for just over 10 minutes, so there’ll be no sweat involved if you’re keen to catch the audio. It’s a pretty information rich interview illuminating our business model and services. The convo even gets to the good stuff like Murfie versus the elephant (named iTunes) in the room. Now, I may be biased here trapped in Murfie-man’s land, but I’m of the opinion Matt made a convincing stand—we’re a great value, more real, and offer the bonus of trading capabilities. Got a bone of contention with our argument? Give us a holler, and we’ll holler back.

Note to all: If you’re big on “saying hell no to the status quo,” it’s a free for all to subscribe to The Kathleen Show podcast.