Murfie + live music + free stuff = hyperawesome

iPod touch giveaway

The sequel to Murfie + live music = awesome

In addition to gracing concertgoers with our presence at the Natty Nation show this Thursday, the 7th, Murfie will be giving away something pretty cool. An iPod touch (8GB). You may ask, “Are you trying to charm us with free stuff?” Fair question. Perhaps. If there is one universal truth, it’s that giveaways are universal in appeal. Really, who doesn’t like free stuff? And really, Murfie just likes to reward Murfie-ites.

Now, most importantly, how can you win the iPod touch? It’s simple. Via a drawing. Just visit us at our meet ‘n greet table before or during the show, and provide us with your (valid) email address. Voilà! You’ll be entered. For those of us who don’t count patience as a virtue, you won’t have to wait long to find out who’ll be walking away with the iPod…we’ll announce the winner at the concert.

P.S. Visit our Facebook event page for the social angle. There, you can invite your friends to the show. Unless you’re dead set on winning that iPod touch and would rather fly solo. Hey – no matter, we don’t judge…come one or come all.