Curious CDs

Remember this movie? It’s not every day that the King of the Goblins steals your baby half-brother and gives you 13 hours to pass through an obstacle-filled labyrinth to get him back. Well luckily there’s an awesome soundtrack to go with this story, and it’s available on Murfie.


MI0001790600The Facts:

  • This movie stars rocker David Bowie as Jareth, King of the Goblins, and a young Jennifer Connelly as Sarah
  • The soundtrack takes you along for the journey, using a fantasy-based score fused with ’80s electric rock songs
  • Surprisingly, this movie did not do well when it was released in theaters

Maybe folks were a bit reluctant to warm up to this movie at first because it’s out of the ordinary—or maybe they were just scared of Bowie’s extremely tight pants. Ether way, this movie has a huge cult following now, and the soundtrack is an equally quirky collector’s piece.