Music for lovers and haters

[Photo courtesy of Mother Fools in Madison]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner—and depending on who you are, you could see this as exciting, or depressing, or just another day! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we have some Valentine’s Day music picks for your playlist.

Songs of Love and HateSongs of Love and hate
Leonard Cohen

“Something for everyone. The swelling strings, arpeggiated acoustic guitars, and Cohen’s crooning allow the album to fit well into any romantic candle-lit scene until you decide to pay attention to what he’s singing.” – Marc

Lady in SatinLady in Satin
Billie Holiday

“Still a little more often sad than romantic, but for people who feel a bit of both it can make for a great evening.”
– Andrew

Gregory Isaacs

The Millennium Collection
Gregory Isaacs

“Some lovers rock from the cool ruler Gregory Isaacs is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Plus his songs are backed by the amazing Roots Radics band.” – Kayla

Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock

“Amazing, seductive vocals.”
– Matt

Ten Most “Unloved” Albums on Murfie

You know, some music just needs a little extra TLC. These are the albums with the most for-sale listings on Murfie. Show ’em some love!

10. Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette

9. Dookie – Green Day

8. Out of Time – R.E.M.

7. Automatic for the People – R.E.M.

6. Achtung Baby – U2

5. Come Away with Me – Norah Jones

4. Monster – R.E.M.

3. Cracked Rear View – Hootie & the Blowfish

2. Crash – Dave Matthews Band

1. Tigerlily – Natalie Merchant

Valentine’s Day: Light vs. Dark Music

Ah yes, the hoopla and ceremony of St. Valentine’s Day. (Wait, that’s today?) I’m just itching to include some sort of wry remark here, but let’s face it, it’s just too easy, and overdone, to hate on lil ole Cupid. So let’s skip that part, and fast forward to the part where we talk about your music playlist for today. Allow me to suggest a few records. Some are light and bright, some dark and dusky; take your pick depending on how you’re feelin’ today. (That is, are you in a lovely mood or moody love?)

If you dig one of the albums, don’t thank me…thank the fine folks at Murfie for their expertise.

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (Jason)

The Essential Floyd Cramer (Philip)

You Think It’s Like This but Really It’s Like This (Eileen)

Blood on the Tracks (Steve)

She Wants Revenge (Will)

Last Wave Rockers (Keith)

Abbey Road (Tom)

These Hopeful Machines (Evan)

Albums For Every Relationship Status

Recently the Operations Manager at Murfie reminded everyone of the upcoming holiday known as Black Tuesday Valentine’s Day. I had managed to suppress any thought of this holiday and was pretty content with living an illusion. But now, like a beacon of light, was an email, allowing all those who were hitched or tied up to receive the day off, in honor of Valentine’s Day and in an effort to avoid any “fighting.”

At first, this seemed like a thoughtful and awesome gesture. Significant Others all over the Ops Room must be rejoicing! And then I realized, I have no signif other, nor am I a signif other. Hold up, hold up, hold up. That means that all SINGLE Ops staffers will be scheduled to work together on Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine what the vibe in that room is going to be like? Red flag.

I immediately sent out an email to all my co-workers. Who wants to date me so we can get the day off?

Rate of response: 0

At least it made for a kind of funny blog post…?

Here’s a variety of albums for every type of relationship status you may have this Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single – stop by Murfie HQ on February 14th. Us single Opsters will be dressed in black. Wine and heart-shaped pizza will be provided.

Newly “Single”
Rilo Kiley – Under the Blacklight
Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
Puddle of Mudd – Come Clean

Wanting to be in a Relationship
Dashboard Confessional – A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar

In a Relationship, but you “don’t believe in being Facebook Official”
Usher – Confessions

In a Relationship
A’ight Murfie-ites, this is your challenge. Share an album that you think does a good job of characterizing “In a Relationship.” Because I sure as hell couldn’t come up with one. I wanted to go with something feminine and carefree, but female albums these days sound more like “You don’t need relationships, you don’t need a man, yeah single ladies!” So please, suggestions welcome. In the comments section below.

It’s Complicated
John Mayer – Battle Studies

In a Domestic Partnership
Juno – The Soundtrack

Colbie Caillat – Coco

In an Open Relationship
Ke$ha – Animal

Phil Vassar – Phil Vassar