Curious CDs

This week’s most interesting disc, at a glance, might not seem so out of the ordinary.

30 Greatest Party Songs Ever, Disc 2

(Drew’s Famous)

MI0000305849The Facts:

  • This album has everything from “The Chicken Dance” to “Macarena”, to “Mambo No. 5″—which are indeed the best songs to dance to. (Ever.)
  • At first listen, these songs sound like the originals. But in fact, Drew’s Famous (a.k.a. Drew’s Entertainment) is a record label company from new Jersey that creates sound-alike covers of songs—and you can barely tell the difference!
  • We’re wondering, who is Drew? Does anybody know?

Drew’s Famous cover albums go everywhere, from Halloween Dance Party Favorites and Disco Party Music to Sports Jams Party Music. Quite a few of them are RIAA certified Gold, and even Platinum. How that happened is very curious indeed.