Dos & Don’ts of Shipping Etiquette

Let’s play a round of Do or Don’t with the Murfie operations team. These guys work incredibly hard to receive and process your music collections in a timely manner.

From many CDs of experience, they’ve picked up a few basic tips and tricks along the way that should make the whole darn process go more smoothly (for both you and us).

DO: Keep your CD-Rs at home. For copyright reasons, we cannot accept them. — John K.

DON’T: No need to fret about what exactly to send us. All we require is the CD itself. — Tyler S.

DO: Let us be your bookshelf. Include your binders, wallets and jewel cases in your kit; we’ll recycle them and post your music CDs online. — Gao V.

DON’T: Refrain from shipping us discs that are too scratched up to play. We are unable to list those for sale on Murfie. — Gao V.

DO: Album art and liner notes are optional. If you do decide to send them in, we’ll happily keep them in storage with your CDs. — Tyler S.

Got additional Do or Don’t questions? We’ve got answers.

2000 Mail-In Kits

Beeep. Beeep. We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this special report from the Murfie ops team. This just in: we’ve hit our 2000th mail-in kit request! I can’t even begin to tell you how chipper that makes us feel. You like us, you really like us!

And we like y’all in return. To show you just how much, let’s go through the process, 2GETHER, of what happens after your mail-in kit arrives at Murfie HQ.

  • Your mailer appears at our offices in Madison, WI.
  • We send you an email letting you know we’ve received your CD collection.
  • We post your CDs to your Murfie account, and then put them away, safe and sound, in storage.
  • We send you another email letting you know your account is ready.
  • You log into your account and start doing fun stuff (like selling/trading with other members and/or requesting digital downloads)!
  • P.S. Hint: You can browse our music shop at any time, even if your discs aren’t posted yet.