Curious CDs

Let’s see, what did our Murfie staffers pick out as the most interesting disc at Murfie this week?

14 Shades of Grey — Staind

MI0000384916 The Facts:

  • Staffers had a debate, and this is in fact NOT a predecessor to the recent best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Instead of passion and lust, themes of angst and deep reflection are more prevalent in this album
  • If 14 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades of Grey provoke such different emotions, it’s still a mystery what all the other shades provoke

This album is loved by many who love rock. I wonder, would it would pair well with a good old fashioned night of reading?

Gems from the Mine: The Best Album Collections on Murfie

Punk isn’t dead—it’s just hidden in our Pop/Rock section!
Check out this hand-picked selection of the best punk albums on Murfie, with prices starting at just $2.

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Gems from the Mine: The Best Album Collections on Murfie

Simon and Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes, Leonard Cohen, Nico, and more…
Here are albums in our library that best suit the reflective mind, available for prices starting at $2.

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Want to get more with your music? Check out our download options in lossless formats (FLAC and ALAC)!

How To Thwart a $5M CD Heist! [Video]

March 2, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the CD in the good ol’ US of A. Americans own tens of billions of CDs, and Murfie’s mission is to warehouse them all—“upgrading” them with streaming and downloading for the 21st century.

Murfie is celebrating this auspicious moment by moving! Our customers now trust us with over $5,000,000 of their CDs and we’re receiving over 10,000 more CDs each week. And we take that trust verrry seriously—with armed police officers!

We just plum ran out of storage space! The setup of our new warehouse will be completed on the 2nd in honor of the 30th anniversary. Dangit—we just LOVE CDs :-) .

Your CDs are turning 30—isn’t it about time you kicked ‘em out of the house?!?! Send us yours:

In honor of the anniversary, and our move, we put together this little video that we hope you’ll enjoy! How does one safely and securely move 20,000 lbs of Compact Discs? Watch and find out!

Happy US Birthday, Compact Disc!

Curious CDs

Alright folks, here’s another Friday installent of this week’s most Curious CD, hand-selected by our extraordinary Ops employees.

This one was not a difficult choice at all…

Shampoohorn — Z

The Facts:

  • This is Frank Zappa’s sons doing an album together, so one could say it’d be out of the ordinary if it wasn’t super weird
  • Some of us can’t deny trying to make a Shampoohorn at least once in the shower
  • The follow-up of this album is called “Music For Pets,” featuring a pic of two doggies with the same hairstyle

There’s no doubt that this is one of the rarest, and weirdest albums out there. Kudos to the Murfiegoer who sent this one in!

Curious CDs

Our Murfie Ops employees see a LOT of CDs come in every day. Some discs are very familiar, and some are a bit… out of the ordinary.

This week, one disc in particular created some extra buzz…

Sounds of North American Frogs: The Biological Significance of Voice in Frogs — Charles M. Bogart

MI0000167757The Facts:

  • The sweet sounds of froggy life compelled two of our Ops employees to order their own copies of this disc
  • While listening to a track preview, one Ops employee’s 5 year old daughter quickly covered her ears thinking the fire alarm had gone off
  • Some frogs bark, seriously

Do our employees have refined taste in what they listen to? Perhaps. Are they just being silly? Perhaps! Either way, this album was their top pick for the most curious album of the week (and they won’t stop croaking about it!).



Dos & Don’ts of Shipping Etiquette

Let’s play a round of Do or Don’t with the Murfie operations team. These guys work incredibly hard to receive and process your music collections in a timely manner.

From many CDs of experience, they’ve picked up a few basic tips and tricks along the way that should make the whole darn process go more smoothly (for both you and us).

DO: Keep your CD-Rs at home. For copyright reasons, we cannot accept them. — John K.

DON’T: No need to fret about what exactly to send us. All we require is the CD itself. — Tyler S.

DO: Let us be your bookshelf. Include your binders, wallets and jewel cases in your kit; we’ll recycle them and post your music CDs online. — Gao V.

DON’T: Refrain from shipping us discs that are too scratched up to play. We are unable to list those for sale on Murfie. — Gao V.

DO: Album art and liner notes are optional. If you do decide to send them in, we’ll happily keep them in storage with your CDs. — Tyler S.

Got additional Do or Don’t questions? We’ve got answers.