Pro Tip: Access Your Murfie Player on Your iPad

Our Developer team has just rolled out a neat upgrade to our “mini player” for Murfie Gold subscribers. The player is now officially a pop-out player, which gives you the option to continue listening to your music while browsing other web pages. Say it with me: three cheers for multitasking!

Own an iPad? Keep listening. We’ve got a pro tip for you… There exists a clever little trick that’ll make accessing your Murfie player on your iPad a breeze. So if you’ve got an iPad on hand, whip it out and follow along:

  1. Open Safari and go to
  2. Log into your Murfie account and tap the player’s “pop out” button –> this loads your player in a new tab.
  3. On the left side of the address bar, tap the “curved arrow” send-to button.
  4. Select “Add to home screen.”

There, now you have an icon on your tablet’s home screen. Tapping that will launch you straight into a full-screen version of your mini player. Done and done! Let the good times roll.

What’s Next: Mobile Streaming (Poll)

Hey guys, Murfie needs YOUR two cents. We’re presently plugging away at mobile apps to give you mobile access to your Murfie collection, and we want to know — which particular device are you most excited to have mobile streaming on? Let us know in the poll (please scroll to the bottom) and we’ll get on it.

A little background info: Murfie is actively working hard to support music streaming on your smartphone of choice. In the end we’d like to support ALL THE DEVICES, but at present we’ve made the most progress on an Android app. It’s not yet publicly available, but if you fancy a taste, take a look at the in progress album grid here…


Murfie + Sonos = A Stellar Morning!

What an excellent morning! I woke up, grabbed my phone, fired up the Sonos app and started blasting Adele’s 21 through my Sonos Play:5 Wireless HiFi Player.

That’s because today is the day I can now play my entire Murfie collection, wirelessly, in any room of my home. My CDs live in the cloud at Murfie and Murfie lets me stream that music to my Sonos player.

Here in Murfieland we’ve been working on this integration with Sonos for months now, perfecting and testing it. We’re jazzed to finally, and officially, announce our brand new Murfie + Sonos partnership. Murfie is now on Sonos’s list of compatible music services, joining the likes of Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio.

Now, we all know that peanut butter and chocolate are pretty darn tasty on their own. But like peanut butter + chocolate, Murfie + Sonos are even better together. With Murfie on Sonos, you too can play your entire CD collection in every room of your home, wirelessly.

Simply add our service (“Murfie”) to your favorite Sonos Controller app. It’ll ask you for your Murfie username and password and you’ll then have instant access to your Murfie music library on your Sonos system.

If you’re not yet a Gold member, that’s just fine. In fact, we have a pretty snazzy Murfie + Sonos offer for you. Sign up right now and get Murfie Gold gratis through April 30, 2013. You’ll have 24/7 access to our music streaming service on any web browser as well as on your Sonos player. Pretty cool, huh?! (It just got a heckuva lot easier to play your music anywhere :)

Need more deets? Just hit up the link here.

Music Now Playing: What’s on Your Mini Player?

Now, here’s a loaded question. What are you listening to at this very moment? Obvi, what’s on your playlist can totes tell us a lot about your mood and overall music tastes. For example, this very morning I was streaming, no lies, Ricky Martin’s “La Copa de la Vida” on my Murfie mini player. (See the featured image for proof.)

So why the heck was I listening to an artist best known for songs like “Livin’ la Vida Loca”, “Shake Your Bon-Bon” and “She Bangs”? It’s hardly rocket science—I was feeling pretty darn up-tempo in the a.m., following a hearty breakfast of black coffee and sugar packets.

Once the jitters die down, who knows, I might switch over my playlist to something a bit more somber. Enough about my listening habits, though—what about you? Hit us up on twitter and tell us what song is playing on your mini player at this very moment. Then hashtag it with #mymusicbe_____, inserting whatever adjective describes your current mood. This could be fun, dot dot dot.

Murfberry Pi

As you may know not too long ago Murfie opened the doors on a new streaming music service we like to call “Murfie Everywhere“. Currently you can stream any disc in your collection to a browser and listen to it without the hassle of downloading, syncing, etc., which is pretty cool, no?

However the browser is just the beginning. In addition to this we are working on several new ways to stream your music library. Of course there are the expected ways like on your smartphone, or perhaps a high-quality-streaming-music player, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

You see, it’s a bit of a pastime of mine to try and get my Murfie library streaming on any device I can get my hands on and I wanted to try this on the simplest, most bare-bones device I could find. Enter the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a tiny, $25 single-board computer that you can hook up to your TV, and it runs Linux. The slightly more expensive version even has an ethernet port (a critical ingredient for a streaming music device) so this seemed like a perfectly viable target for the cheapest, simplest Murfie Anywhere player.

Of course I expected there to be challenges (even the more sophisticated machines we’ve been porting to have had hang-ups) but thanks to the completeness of the Raspberry Pi’s implementation (it’s really a full-blown Linux compute) and our well-designed API I was able to put this little demo together in about an hour (crank up the volume for full effect):

It’s kind of hard to tell from the video, but the player is actually completely self-contained on the Raspberry Pi as a console application.

Got something you’d like to stream your Murfie library to? Send your challenges to and we’ll give it a shot!

Stream for Your Life! – NEW Streaming Beta

Good times. We’ve added a brand new music streaming feature!—listen to your entire music library from any web browser, anywhere, anytime.

Our Streaming Beta is exclusively available to Murfie Gold members. Since it’s a beta, there will be bugs—just give us a holler if you encounter one, and we’ll crush it as soon as humanly possible. We’re seriously all ears at SRSLY.

Here’s how our streaming feature works. 1) Upgrade to Gold. 2) Send in, buy, and/or trade for CDs, so that you have a super awesome music collection to stream. 3) As a Gold member, you will see a “My Music” tab at the bottom of any page on—stream any album in your music library from this “mini player”.

Got any questions? Hit me up in the comments section below.

Music ownership vs. streaming

The line must be drawn here! This far and no further!

The battle between music ownership and streaming rages on. Both sides have their virtues. Owning music (definition: owning physical discs, either locally or remotely) gives you control and reliability, while streaming music over the Internet is all about access to a big music catalog. Somewhere in between is buying digital tracks or albums off online music stories like iTunes and Amazon, which gives you the license to listen to the music.

What camp do you fall in? Let us know in the poll. Then force your friends to take it. Scientia potentia est (knowledge is power)!