What’s cookin’ (good lookin’)?

Free samples of November news

This is literally my favorite part of the month. (Please note, I’m saying the word literally with the same zeal and enunciation as Chris Traeger. High five if you know who that is!) It’s that very special time when I get to share with you all a new edition of the Murfie newsletter. Friends, please meet the November news, tips & tricks. Amigos, please also meet a newsworthy summary of what’s in the newsletter:

Faster Delivery
We’ve rolled out changes that make our digital delivery faster. Way faster. Meaning, you’ll have your download ready within minutes of buying or trading for a used CD. For retail copies, we’re moving toward same-day digital delivery.

Flexible Returns
Returning your mail-in kit is about to get a whole lot more convenient. Soon you’ll have the option to drop off your package at both UPS and USPS locations. We include the prepaid UPS label in your kit; you choose where to drop it off.

1,000 Mail-in Kits
We hit the big one-zero-zero-zero mark. That’s pretty special to us because that means 1,000 folks out there want their CD collections posted on Murfie. A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported us on our journey to 1,000 kit requests.

Album Reviews
We review albums on our blog. Here’s a glimpse into our music picking and reviewing:
+ Album Reviews: Naked City
+ Staff Picks: High Speed
+ Album Reviews: Mylo Xyloto
+ Staff Picks: The Dark Side
We have a fantastic team of ops-ters (the folks who process your CD collections), who happen to know a thing or two about music. Keep up with our Staff Picks for new album commentary and reviews, and see if you can match their music know-how. Beware: they know musical jujutsu. (That’s right, musical jujitsu. It’s big overseas.)

Yep, Murfie got “Considered”

Listen to us on All Tech Considered

‘Tis true. We were featured on NPR on All Things Considered. More precisely, the series “All Tech Considered.” All Things Considered is pretty much the jackpot of NPR news programs, and in fact, it was the first news program on NPR. Suffice it to say that we are pretty amped about this press coverage. (By the way, did you know that you can check out all our media shout-outs on this page?)

I don’t have much else to say other than…listen to the NPR audio story here!

Q&A with Preston

Where dat jabber session at?

Hey, y’all. If you didn’t/don’t have time to read our October news, tips & tricks in its entirety (boo), I’ve taken the liberty to share the interview, contained in the newsletter, with Preston Austin, co-founder of Murfie, below. I’d recommend giving it at least a once-over with your eyes – the Q&A provides a little insight into the current state of Murfieland. (If you want to go above and beyond the call of duty, leave a Q that you want asked in our next jabber session in the comments section at the bottom of this post.)

Q1: Hey there, Preston. First off, let’s just state the obvious: Some great stuff going on in Murfieland right now. What’s the coolest development, in your humble, humble opinion?
A1: I think the coolest development recently has been our Murfie Gold product. Our frequent buyers and traders, who acquire more than a couple albums a month, are super excited to have no-fee downloads.

Q2: Why do you think Murfie is picking up steam?
A2: We have a great and growing selection of used and new CDs at low prices. We respect our members and their property, and offer a wide set of services to them, including high-quality digital delivery. All these things combine to be high-value to folks who really like to own their music.

Q3: Any ooh-and-aah features coming up? (If you want to be boring, it’s OK to share functional fixes too.)
A3: The big whoa features are a little back-endy right now. We’re about to roll out changes that make our digital delivery faster. This means you’ll usually have a download ready within minutes of buying or trading for a used CD, and we’ll be moving toward same-day for new CD purchases.

Q4: What are people not “getting” about Murfie that you want them to “get”?
A4: I think the most common confusion is “Where’s my disc!?” for CD buyers new to Murfie. If you come to Murfie thinking we’re a store that mails out pieces of plastic, it’s a little confusing. We need to make the fact that discs usually stay at Murfie, and you download the music after buying, more clear.

Q5: Ok, let’s cut the small talk with the big In A Year From Now question. Where do you see Murfie in October 2012? (No pressure, there are no wrong answers.)
A5: We’ll be well on our way toward being the least expensive, most convenient way to purchase the majority of used CDs ever published in the US. Our delivery speed and reliability will be mind-blowing. We’ll also be integrating Murfie with some of the best services out there.

Snapshots outta Murfieland

(that my Facebook Timeline won’t get to capture ;)

I gots some neat photos of Murfie life to share with y’all. But first: I have something (kinda rando) to say.

You know what? I’m not really sure how I feel about Facebook Timeline. (That BIG profile page redesign that’ll transform your profile into a virtual scrapbook of photos, videos, status updates, and locations you’ve visited – making your information more visible and easier to access.) Maybe it’s because it feels a little too One Hour Photo to me. Or maybe it’s that I prefer to be shrouded in some mystery, even to my friends/FB “friends”. Or maybe it’s because I don’t want to be a total slave to the idea of social sharing (and no, I’m not an “old person” – born and bred in the 80s).

It all just seems a tad creepy. <– I give you full permission to disagree with me on this statement.

Anywho…[Pause]…I won’t be sharing the aforementioned photos on my Facebook profile. (You won’t get me this time, Facebook Timeline!) I’d rather share the snapshots here. Or on Murfie’s Facebook page. *wink face* *wink face*

What up, Murf-pack?

Another month, another newsletter

I sincerely hope your brain has enough room for some knowledge-based rocket fuel, because ladies and gents – our September newsletter has finally arrived. If you didn’t get a chance to read it yet (for shame! for shame!), read on for a brief summary of what’s going on in Murfieland. But make sure you consume the whole shebang. Scientia potentia est (knowledge is power). If you disagree with that maxim, I’m not sure we can be friends. ;-)

Be a Featured Seller!
Attn: CD sellers. Holler at us [info@murfie.com] if you want to get highlighted on this blog. You answer a few questions; your CD collection gets some love as a Featured Shop in its very own post. Win-win.

A Big Hurrah for WSJ
In the last couple of weeks, we got some major press coverage. *cough* The Wall Street Journal *cough* A great big positive for us…and the Murfie community! :)

The Real Murfie Gold
As a result of the limelight, there’s something we need to stress – what Murfie Gold is, and is not. If you already have a Gold Membership, or want one, please see this important update! The gist of it: Murfie Gold isn’t a bulk ripping service.

It’s go time

Murfie on WSJ

If you haven’t heard yet, we got a super cool story on a super cool publication that just happens to be titled The Wall Street Journal. Obviously, we are psyched. We hope you’re psyched too. National coverage is great for bizness and the growth of our community at large. Music.lovers.unite!

Here’s a few tidbits I especially dig from our shout-out in the WSJ:

– Then I learned about Murfie (murfie.com), a new business that aims to relieve any music-owning/future-proofing anxieties that you may have so your home doesn’t look like a special audiophile edition of “Hoarders.”
– Murfie wants to become the Internet’s largest used-CD emporium.
– As a used-CD store, they are unique in that buyers don’t need to wait for a disc in the mail—the music can be downloaded. And because these are used-CDs you’re buying, the prices are lower than normal.

Is your interest whetted? Take a gander at the article in its entirety…and spread the word, the lurve, whatever you wanna call it.

P.S. That photo is compliments of Harry Campbell for The Wall Street Journal. Ain’t it purdy?

What’s new here?

Attack of the newsletter

Hello y’all. It’s that time of the month again…to bathe in the glorious light of knowledge. Murfie news, tips and tricks, August style. Take a look below for a summary of just the facts, but make sure to check out the newsletter to take a full ride on the funmobile. Yes, funmobile. And yes, I made that word up.

Sorting & filtering. We’ve added sort and filter functions to your personal shop. Let’s break that down: you can now sort your CD collection by price or artist, and filter by genre and decade. Wowzers! In a nutshell, this’ll help you organize your CDs into subsets to share with potential buyers.

Murfie Gold. Whaa?! Yes, you heard right. Murfie Gold: a membership program that gives you unlimited access to our ripping and conversion services for an annual fee of $24. Perks of membership cover all CDs in your Murfie collection. Pretty nifty, huh? Learn more here.