Teach me how to Murfie

How does Murfie work?

A new product or service can be cool, even epically cool, but if you can’t explain it (What is it? What does it do?), then no dice.  Consumers want to understand, at least at some level, what it is that they’re consuming.  The big WHAT question must be returned by simple, elegant, and hopefully memorable answers.  Now, what would you say to someone who asked, “What’s Murfie, and how does it work?”  Would you feel a little unsure or hesitant?  Would your response be watery and wandering?  Well, no worries…I’ll give you a cheat sheet.  Here are some ways to answer.

  • Free your CDs
  • A new way to buy, sell and trade your music
  • Online music exchange
  • Music marketplace
  • The green solution to used CDs
  • Helping the earth one CD collection at a time

I could keep going, but why should I let words do the talking when Murfie has an awesome HOW-TO video that will teach you how to Murfie?