Terms of use, not a weighty tome

Our terms and conditions just got shorter

You may have noticed that the terms of use of some online music stores are getting longer and more unwieldy, but ours, ours are getting shorter. That’s because we think a great online music store should communicate in plain English, not Legalese. And because everyone gets to stay in the loop when in Murfieland, we’d like to gift you with a summary of updates to our terms. If you happen to fancy the nitty gritty stuff, by all means check out our complete (but still short!) terms and conditions.

1) Commissions on Sales. In the prior Terms of Use, we collected a 30% on the discs you sold on Murfie only if you elected to have us send you a check with your proceeds. Under the new Terms, we collect a 30% commission on the discs you sell at the time of sale; you keep the remaining 70% of proceeds to use as store credit or cash.
2) Delivery of Physical CDs. Should you wish to have us send you any CDs you purchase or receive in trade on Murfie, we will charge a $3 fee for shipping and handling per CD.
3) Return of Your Original CDs. Should you wish to have us send you back some or all of the CDs you sent to us, we will do so at our expense for the first 90 days as part of our 90-day guarantee. After this time, you can request delivery of any CD in your collection for our regular shipping fee. Contact info@murfie.com for a bulk shipping quote.
4) Downloads. We will rip any CD in your collection (your collection includes CDs received via purchase and trade, and any CDs you sent us) in the format of your choice, and make the ripped files available for you to download for a fee of $1 per CD. The $1 rip and download fee is not included in the album’s purchase price that’s set by the seller.