What’s The One Thing? (Murfie Staffers Answer That Q)

When I say “that one thing” – what pops into your head? Is it this or is it that? Whichever it happens to be, I now know a lot more about you than I did before ;)

The sole reason I bring this up is, I asked a few of my fellow Murfie teamsters to name “that one thing” that makes Murfie so unique and singular for them. It could be one word, one sentence, one sentiment, one catchline, one whatever. And BOOM. Here are the answers.

“‘OMG! I haven’t heard this album since I was in college in the 80s! Here it is for a dollar!’ I experienced this sentiment TWICE today…I picked up two $1 albums I hadn’t listened to (or remembered!) since 1986 or 1987.” — Shawn B., Customer Development

“Truly own the music you love.” — Matt Y., CEO

“Space. My entire collection of 600+ CDs now takes up ZERO space in my home, but I still have the benefit of listening to them all whenever I want. (Bonus points: moving apartments will be SUPER easy!)” — John K., Operations

“Trading! I love that music I’ve grown tired of can go to a good home, and I can explore new music as a result. AND it’s all legal! It’s a huge part of the Murfie experience for me.” — Glynnis R., Design & Development

“I’d say ‘value.’ I want to sell my discs, but to me many of them have far more value than what the local used CD store will offer in buyback. I like the idea that someone on Murfie will give my music a good home, where it will be appreciated, and I still make some cash in the process.” — Tiffany G., Design & Development

“My one thing is access. I had tons of albums I never got around to ripping, so they were just sitting on a shelf. Now, all my music is right there via my browser, and with iOS, in my car, my iPad, and also streamed through my new Sonos.” — Shawn L., Marketing

Your turn. What’s “the one thing” that makes Murfie a tailor-made solution for you?

Murfie Fact vs Fiction – Round 2

In the premiere round of Murfie fact vs fiction, we shared six stats and policies about Murfie. This time, it’s personal. Read on for six more #MurfieFacts about our HQ and people, originally trumpeted on our twitter feed, and go behind the impregnable walls* of Murfieland. (*Jk, you just need an invite or a key fob.)

  1. We call the whole process of receiving your kit, digitizing your CDs and storing them in our warehouse “ingesting.”
  2. Our CEO Matt Younkle invented and founded TurboTap. (It pours beer better and faster.)
  3. Our name has its origins in MRF! (What’s a MRF?)
  4. We make our kits in a room called the Favre Room. Don’t ask. (OK, it’s because there’s a poster of Brett Favre on the wall.)
  5. One of the wintertime perks around Murfieland is unlimited oranges. It’s Wisconsin; we need our vitamin C, dang it!
  6. We leave a handwritten note on every outgoing kit. (We like to keep it real, yo.)

Until round 3 . . . feel free to leave us a question you want answered. (whatever, whenever!)

Ten Most “Unloved” Albums on Murfie

You know, some music just needs a little extra TLC. These are the albums with the most for-sale listings on Murfie. Show ’em some love!

10. Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette

9. Dookie – Green Day

8. Out of Time – R.E.M.

7. Automatic for the People – R.E.M.

6. Achtung Baby – U2

5. Come Away with Me – Norah Jones

4. Monster – R.E.M.

3. Cracked Rear View – Hootie & the Blowfish

2. Crash – Dave Matthews Band

1. Tigerlily – Natalie Merchant

Six Murfie Truths

Very recently we did a lil round of Murfie fact vs fiction on our twitter feed, during which we shared 6 truths about the Murfie biz model and music marketplace. So without further ado… Welcome to Murfie Truth-Club.

The first rule of Murfie Truth-Club is: we never ever get rid of your album art and liner notes. They stay in storage with your disc collection at Murfie HQ. #MurfieFacts

The second rule of Murfie Truth-Club is: we cannot and will not accept cassette tapes or for that matter, mixtapes. CDs are our bread and butter. #MurfieFacts

Third rule of Murfie Truth-Club: we gots 250,517 discs resting (perhaps even sleeping?) safe and sound in our warehouse. #MurfieFacts

Fourth rule: owning your music gives you solid rights to sell or digitally access. Every album in our universe is backed by a physical disc. #MurfieFacts

Fifth rule: to date there are 203,696 discs for sale / for trade in our marketplace at murfie.com/shop #MurfieFacts

Sixth rule: how big is the biggest CD collection on Murfie? 3,174 discs big, is the answer. #MurfieFacts

And that, my friends, are the rules of fight club Murfie Truth-Club.

Murfie Fact vs Fiction – #MurfieFacts

We be dropping some knowledge bombs in the twittersphere today. At your leisure, hit up the @murfiemusic feed for a mind-blowing round of Murfie fact vs fiction!

Feel free to ask us any Qs at any time, here or there! Our biggest hope is to help you all separate #MurfieFacts from fictions. We totally get that the Murfie business can be a bit confusing to understand, at first—but once you get what we’re all about, we sure hope you’ll lurve what we do.

Music Now Playing: What’s on Your Mini Player?

Now, here’s a loaded question. What are you listening to at this very moment? Obvi, what’s on your playlist can totes tell us a lot about your mood and overall music tastes. For example, this very morning I was streaming, no lies, Ricky Martin’s “La Copa de la Vida” on my Murfie mini player. (See the featured image for proof.)

So why the heck was I listening to an artist best known for songs like “Livin’ la Vida Loca”, “Shake Your Bon-Bon” and “She Bangs”? It’s hardly rocket science—I was feeling pretty darn up-tempo in the a.m., following a hearty breakfast of black coffee and sugar packets.

Once the jitters die down, who knows, I might switch over my playlist to something a bit more somber. Enough about my listening habits, though—what about you? Hit us up on twitter and tell us what song is playing on your mini player at this very moment. Then hashtag it with #mymusicbe_____, inserting whatever adjective describes your current mood. This could be fun, dot dot dot.

How-to: sort by artist

Terrific news for all you music lovers who like a good clean organized collection. We just added the ability to sort your music library on Murfie by ARTIST! High fives all around.

To start managing and organizing your music collection, just create or log into your account on Murfie. Then, hit up the “My Library” tab to view all your discs in one place. You can do lots of neato things, like:

  • mark discs for sale
  • mark discs for trade (if you’re Gold)
  • sort discs by: Artist | Title | Year | Recent Activity
  • gift discs to friends
  • download discs

Wish you could do even more with your music library on Murfie? Let us know in the comments below, or shoot us an email with your feedback to info@murfie.com.

Happy sorting! :)