Shopkeep of the Week

2013_0505About a year and a half ago, Tony decided to ship his CDs from Chicago to Murfieland. He’s ordered fifteen kits during this time, adding roughly 1000 discs to our warehouse. He’s a top seller, that’s for sure, and we asked him a few questions to learn more about what fules his music fire!

Murfie: How did you originally learn about Murfie?
Tony: I heard about Murfie in a Wall Street Journal article (I think)—or, could have been in the New York Times.

M: When did you purchase your first CD? What was it?
T: I purchased my first CD about a year ago—I’ve purchased so many, I can’t begin to remember the first one I purchased.

M: How many CDs do you own (or did you own at your peak)?
T: About 1,100.

M: How tall are you?
T: Odd question—I’m 6’2″ and a major badass.

M: Tell us about your musical tastes.
T: Body music (that gets you moving) and Mind music (that gets you thinking and admiring long after the first listening…).

M: If you could meet any musician or band in person, who would it be and why?
T: The original Little Feat—just to hear them play…

M: What is your favorite album at the moment?
T: Deathfix by Deathfix (not what you’d think from the band/album title—some creative stuff here, some of which sounds a bit like XTC).

M: What do you plan to do with the millions of dollars you’re making from your Murfie shop?
T: Buy more music—I’m a junkie—really, there’s too many of us. I’m surprised your clientele is still alive…

M: Which Beatle was your favorite?
T: I’d have to say Paul, right now—I appreciate his involvement in the gun control issue. He’s out front on that, which is nice to see.

Check out Tony’s shop on Murfie!

Shopkeep of the Week is a weekly feature that focuses on our most interesting Murfie shopkeepers. These are music lovers like you who have sold hundreds of pre-loved CDs on Murfie and have hundreds more at the ready to please your ears! If you’d like your Murfie Shop to be featured, or if you’d like to nominate a shop to be featured, please e-mail us at and let us know.