Poll Time: Compilation Albums vs. The Whole Works

What started off as a seemingly casual conversation in our Murfie office the other day ended up becoming a real debate! Sleeves were rolled up, opinions were shared, and terms like “Red Hot Chili Peppers” flew through the air.

What were we debating about so fiercely? “Best of” albums! Some folks just love ’em, saying they’re the best way to get turned on to a band, and that they’d rather not wade through a bunch of albums to get to the best songs.

Other folks said “No way, man!”. You gotta get the individual albums as they were put out…that’s the way it was meant to be done!

So we decided, we want to hear what you have to say, so we can end this office debate once and for all! Which do you prefer…compilations or the whole works?

Popularity Contest: Murfie Downloads or Streaming?

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not trying to imply that one is objectively better than the other. I’m humbly venturing to gather intel (mind you, informal intel) on music delivery preferences and whether downloading OR streaming is more “popular” as a playback choice on Murfie.

Now, your exact preference is probably a result of many factors (specific to your lifestyle). Here at Murfie, we’d sure lurve if you shared some of those reasons in the comments section. But first, do the easy part — take the poll, please!

What’s Next: Mobile Streaming (Poll)

Hey guys, Murfie needs YOUR two cents. We’re presently plugging away at mobile apps to give you mobile access to your Murfie collection, and we want to know — which particular device are you most excited to have mobile streaming on? Let us know in the poll (please scroll to the bottom) and we’ll get on it.

A little background info: Murfie is actively working hard to support music streaming on your smartphone of choice. In the end we’d like to support ALL THE DEVICES, but at present we’ve made the most progress on an Android app. It’s not yet publicly available, but if you fancy a taste, take a look at the in progress album grid here…


What’s Your Most Beloved “Retro Media” Format?

Granted, I’m an overly nostalgic person, but I think for most people, old media formats hold a certain magic and retain a lot of their original charm. It’s the whole retro-cool thing: throwback media formats automatically give you distinctive taste and an air of authenticity in a mass consumer digital age.

I would be remiss if I counted my chickens before they hatched, though. I mean, I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice in my life, and I could very well have misconstrued this retro-media nostalgia. So, help me out! Do you still care about retro media? And if so, which one is your beloved? Take this here poll…

Silver Ain’t Too Shabby

I am so very pleased to announce that Murfie bagged a silver medal this week. The event? Madison’s Favorite Tech Start-up, as voted by readers of the Isthmus, the most used alternative newspaper in Madison, WI. The real question is, does this pretty much make the Murfie crew Olympians?

Here’s proof of our silver medal:

Thanks so much to all the cool cats who placed a vote for us. Please know we’re thanking each and every one of you in our acceptance speech. It’ll be in front of a mirror, but hey ;)

Vote Murfie 2012

You guys, we have the opportunity to make Murfie (that’s us!) Madison’s Favorite Tech Start-up. If you like us, I mean really like us, please cast your vote by Sunday, June 24 on the Isthmus‘ Madison’s Favorites Poll page.

Just enter “Murfie” in the “Favorite Tech Start-up” field (which is located under “Places Around Town” on the ballot). The best part is you don’t even have to fill out the entire ballot in order to submit it, so just make sure to fill in that one blank with Murfie.

Results will be published in August in the Isthmus‘ Annual Manual, as well as on their website Isthmus.com.

Did you vote yet? Good. Now tell your friends to do the same! We’ll be darn sure to send you an air five AND thank you in our acceptance speech. ;)