2nd Time’s the Charm? On TIME Again.

As the saying goes, good things come in pairs. This is now a proven irrefutable fact — because we’ve snagged ANOTHER feature in TIME Techland. Remember the first one?

Well, here’s the latest article, which is a Q&A with Murfie CEO Matt Younkle. IMHO, the best sound bite is this…

Our take at Murfie is that, moving forward, there will always be a large group of people that want to own their music, not just rent it. I mean music as part of your culture. I think you should be able to own your culture, not just rent your culture.

Also, IMHO, this second tweet from @Techland should be framed. What do you think? I think a classic wood frame would look nice.


Timeout! We’re on TIME?

I know I say this a lot, but this time I really mean it. I’m as pleased as punch to report that little old Murfie snagged a feature on TIME. TIME, people. That’s a big deal for us. So thanks a bunch to Matt Peckham from TIME Techland for making it happen.

Here is the article.

Also, here is the tweet that I’d like to frame. I think it’d look pretty classy in a nice gold frame? — please discuss. You can get back to me later.


Yep, Murfie got “Considered”

Listen to us on All Tech Considered

‘Tis true. We were featured on NPR on All Things Considered. More precisely, the series “All Tech Considered.” All Things Considered is pretty much the jackpot of NPR news programs, and in fact, it was the first news program on NPR. Suffice it to say that we are pretty amped about this press coverage. (By the way, did you know that you can check out all our media shout-outs on this page?)

I don’t have much else to say other than…listen to the NPR audio story here!

It’s go time

Murfie on WSJ

If you haven’t heard yet, we got a super cool story on a super cool publication that just happens to be titled The Wall Street Journal. Obviously, we are psyched. We hope you’re psyched too. National coverage is great for bizness and the growth of our community at large. Music.lovers.unite!

Here’s a few tidbits I especially dig from our shout-out in the WSJ:

– Then I learned about Murfie (murfie.com), a new business that aims to relieve any music-owning/future-proofing anxieties that you may have so your home doesn’t look like a special audiophile edition of “Hoarders.”
– Murfie wants to become the Internet’s largest used-CD emporium.
– As a used-CD store, they are unique in that buyers don’t need to wait for a disc in the mail—the music can be downloaded. And because these are used-CDs you’re buying, the prices are lower than normal.

Is your interest whetted? Take a gander at the article in its entirety…and spread the word, the lurve, whatever you wanna call it.

P.S. That photo is compliments of Harry Campbell for The Wall Street Journal. Ain’t it purdy?