Gotta Be Green

Here’s a green fact. In less than a year, we’ve recycled almost 15,000 pounds of plastic (more specifically – polystyrene, for all you resin ID code geeks out there!). That averages to about 1,200 pounds per month. The best part? Any material that’s recovered properly can help make other products!

Another fact. There are 15 billion music CDs out there collecting dust in U.S. homes; that amounts to more than 1 million tons of jewel cases. Here at Murfie we want it all!

Now, perhaps you haven’t heard… Earth Day is just around the corner. To celebrate, we’re making an appearance at Isthmus Green Day on Saturday, April 21st in Madison, WI. We’ll have totes, smiles, and other goodies. If you can’t be there in person, no worries (you’ll be with us in spirit).

To really get our green on, here’s a few easy, painless ways we can all help out:

1) Recycle, including old electronics
2) Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging waste
3) Unplug electronics when you’re not using them to kill standby/phantom power
4) Use reusable drinking containers, instead of disposable coffee cups and plastic water bottles
5) Turn off the lights when you leave a room to reduce energy use
6) Don’t take 10 minute showers – consider cutting your shower short by a few minutes to conserve water
7) Lower your home thermostats, including water heater, to conserve energy
8) Buy energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs to save energy
9) Use a reusable rag or towel, instead of napkins and paper towels
10) Use reusable lunch bags and shopping bags to cut down on paper and plastic

Pounds of Plastic We Recycled: the winner

Hey y’all, the winner to our Green Guessing Game has been determined… A big congrats to Melissa for leaving the guess closest to the actual weight of plastic we recycled. Melissa guessed 5,625 pounds; we recycled 6,600 pounds.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway contest! We lurve recycling plastic!

Giveaway: How Much Plastic Did We Recycle?

Ladies and gents, here’s your chance to bag some Murfie swag! For a chance to win a custom Murfie T-shirt and some Murfie stickers, all you gotta do is participate in our “green” guessing game! Tell us how many pounds of plastic you think we recycled by leaving a comment with your guess. Make sure your guess is in pounds, and be sure to fill in your name and email address (your email is not published). Please, one guess per email. The guess closest to the actual weight wins the swag.

The next 4 closest guesses each win $5 of Murfie account credit.

Now, for a hint. See the below photo for the pile of boxes we delivered to our local Waste Management facility. The Leaning Tower of Plastic measured 8 ft x 9.5 ft.

Make sure to submit your guess before midnight CST on Friday, March 30, 2012. The winners will be notified by email during the week of April 2nd.

Holiday Giveaway: a very green update

Congrats to Jeremy L for bagging the Murfie swag. He left the guess closest to the actual number of pounds of plastic we recycled. Jeremy guessed 5,555.5 pounds; we recycled 6,024 pounds.

A big thanks to everyone who participated. Don’t feel too crummy if you’re not the one taking home the prize. Really, everyone’s a winner…

less plastic in landfills = a cleaner environment

…so give yourself a pat on the back for being part of something good, public good. :)

Holiday Giveaway: Make a Guess

Ladies and gents, here’s your chance to win some Murfie swag! This holiday season, we’re gifting one human being with a custom T-shirt, stickers, and $25 Murfie account credit. The prize is yours if you can guess how many pounds of plastic we just recycled (see photos below for a visual; we recycled 17 boxes sized 4 x 4 x 4 feet). The guess closest to the actual weight wins.


For a chance to win the Murfie swag, leave a comment with your guess before midnight CST on Sunday, December 18, 2011. Make sure your guess is in pounds, and be sure to fill in your name and email address (your email is not published). Please, one guess per email. The winner will be notified by email during the week of December 19th.

A very green shout-out

The 3 Rs

We are as pleased as punch that folks have been picking up on our recycling practices. Thanks to some great stories by The New York Times: Green Blog and TreeHugger. My favorite part has to be The NY Times calling us “Virtuous” and “Fun”. How very flattering! If you didn’t get a chance to read the articles (tsk, tsk!), let me recap.

We recycle plastic jewel cases.
How? After our 90-Day Guarantee expires, we round up the jewel cases that came with your mail-in kit, and deliver them to our local Waste Management facility. Waste Management processes the recyclable materials and finds markets to manufacture new items from the recycled plastic.
How much? On an average trip to the recycling facility, we drop off a ton of plastic!
Why’s that important?
It’s always better to recycle than to dispose.

We sell used music compact discs.
How? Once we receive your CD collection at our HQ, we post all your discs to your Murfie account. Start making sales and trades with other Murfie members, so that CDs get to have a longer life. When products are reused, their life becomes a continues cycle.
How much? As many CDs as you’d like to send us and list for sale on Murfie. ;)
Why’s that important?
It’s always better to reuse than to dispose.

Disposing waste is bad because it usually means one of two things: landfill or incineration. Both are icky for the environment. In fact, disposal is the least attractive option in waste management. The Rs are much more eco-friendly: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Waste management is kind of like a pecking order. If you need a visual aid, take a look at this waste hierarchy (it’s a pyramid that classifies waste management strategies according to their desirability). If you want to recycle your CDs and packaging, but don’t want to sell them on Murfie, take a look at the CD Recycling Center of America. It’s an incredibly helpful website dedicated to disc recycling education, awareness, and options.