New Year’s Resolutions by the Crew

We got guts, yes we do! The crew at Murfie is willing to share – with you, you, and YOU! – their most deepest, most heartfelt, most ambitious resolutions for the New Year. Please, be gentle in your reaction, or better yet: share YOUR resolution to level the playing field.

I’ll start: For once, I’d like to learn all the lyrics to a song. I’m shockingly inept at memorizing the words of a song.

“I’m going to play ice hockey, or release a new album.” – Jason Gullickson

“To learn Television’s classic album Marquee Moon note for note on the guitar, while also becoming a table tennis master. Needless to say, my work is cut out for me this year.” – Henry Mackaman

“I resolve to get each and every CD I own into my Murfie shop. Boom.” – Alyssa Severn

“I’m going to make a renewed effort to sell my Milli Vanilli CD. It seems like there must be a good home for this disc out there somewhere.” – Matt Younkle

“To benefit others with my own self-righteousness!” – Keith Knutson

“I resolve to explore a wider variety of music genres and give some artists more of a chance than I have in the past.” – Andrew Hinkens

“To do ONE pull-up! Right now I can’t do a single one. I just need to know that I can pull myself up if I was hanging off a cliff or something.” – Kayla Liederbach

“To accept the things I cannot change (and build a team of superpowered misfits to change the rest).” – Preston Austin