Rock Wednesday, Vol. 1

It is my great pleasure to introduce our latest “curated music” series: Rock Wednesday. Check back every other week or so for a fresh selection of the most rocking albums out there; as always, handpicked by the crew at Murfie.

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Social Distortion – Social Distortion
“What I love about this album is that it’s a throwback to a simpler Rock & Roll style without being a complete parody of the genre. It’s very accessible and has served as a ‘gateway record’ for many a rockabilly fan.” – Jason

Set Em Wild, Set Em Free – Akron/Family
“I’m not totally sure you’d call this album ‘rock’ but I would certainly say I’ve ‘rocked out’ to this one before. Akron/Family has a tendency to rapidly change genres, to the point that it almost has a compilation feel.” – Corey

Appetite for Destruction – Guns N Roses
“One of the best of all time. ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ need I say more?” – Matt

Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine
“Zack de la Rocha and co successfully blend hard rock and rap with incredibly poetic lyrics and emtionally charged subjects in one of the greatest rock albums ever. ‘Bombtrack’ is the title of the first track, but it should be the title of every track.” – Jon

Who’s Next – The Who
“Because it’s one of the greatest rock albums of all time. The whole album is epic.” – Steve

Weezer (Blue Album) – Weezer
“I’m gonna be that lame-o and go to Weezer. Might not be my ‘favorite of all time,’ but man, when I discovered this album, I was 14, had an emo haircut, black plastic rim glasses, and my boyfriend had blue hair. Need I say more?” – Eileen

Operation Ivy – Operation Ivy
“This album has influenced a wide number of modern punk rock, hardcore, ska, and rock artists today. Although not my all-time favorite album, this one has inspired the music I listen to more than any other album.” – Keith