Bringing more music on the go

Kayla and I have been working with Rich Warren, a radio DJ for Chicago’s WFMT and a writer about all things audio and HiFi listening for Illinois’ News-Gazette. Rich is personally testing out Murfie for his own CD collection.

He just wrote an article about Murfie for the News-Gazette! It’s in today’s print publication and online—check it out!

CDs and Fruitcake

CDs include a variety of content, last forever, and many of us have received them as gifts. Some we love to listen to, and others we hate. They are also all inedible—entirely unsuited for human consumption.

This makes CDs we hate much like Fruitcake. In fact, unless we throw away a lot of fruitcake, we would probably all have as much or more of it than we have CDs we don’t like. We’re certainly never going to eat the CDs, or the fruitcake.

The CEO of International Fruitcake Machines once said, “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 fruitcakes”—and he was probably wildly optimistic.

There’s nothing to be done about the massive fruitcake surplus, it’s just one of the many traditions that makes the holiday such a boost to the economy. But for the CDs, there is a solution: Murfie.

CDs you don’t like are unlike fruitcake in one very important respect: Somebody likes your CD, even if you don’t. This gives you a great alternative to throwing them away (or, heaven forbid, eating them).

So here is a refresher on sending discs* to Murfie, where you can keep the discs you love, and sell, trade, or even just give away the less palatable ones to folks who find them more to their taste.


*Sorry, due to weak fruitcake demand Murfie does not offer fruitcake kits at this time.
Special thanks to Preston Austin for the article idea :)