Start It Up: Murfie Selected to START 150

Here’s to me, and here’s to you! The reason for good cheer—Murfie has been selected to join START, the new, invite-only sister event to the acclaimed f.ounders. START brings together “150 of the world’s most exciting and disruptive startups” plus a mix of investors and media at an exclusive gathering in Dublin on October 17 and 18.

The START event is organized by the team behind f.ounders and the Dublin Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference. In making their 150 selections, the organizers were looking for “incredible young companies” under 3 years old, from any corner of the world.

Matt Younkle and Preston Austin, Murfie co-founders, will be tripping it to the Emerald Isle to represent Murfie Inc. at the START 150 event.

“Coming from Madison, Wisconsin, we’re honored to be recognized alongside such a small and exclusive group of early-stage startups from around the globe,” said Younkle. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with global business leaders and entrepreneurs and share our innovative business model. Of course, we’re also excited to conduct some in-field research on the differences between Irish and Wisconsin beer!”

Expect another START-related blog post to come from Matt and Preston. They’ll be sharing their impressions with us on location in Dublin :)