How-to: mail in more CDs

What to do if you have extra CDs at home?

Here’s what not to do. No need to email us. Here’s what to do. Log into your Murfie account, and visit the Sell Your CDs on Murfie page. Complete the following online form, and thereby request a new kit, which will be mailed to you ASAP.

I’m not saying we don’t totally dig hearing from our members – so please do shoot us an email whenever you have two cents to share! – but it’s not necessary to email us about a new kit request. That’s what the online form is for. :)

All additional CDs you mail us will be added to your original Murfie collection. (And what’s a Murfie collection? you may ask. It’s the collection of CDs you own, stored safe and sound in our warehouse, including all discs you mail in, purchase, or trade for on Murfie.) We’re always happy to accommodate more guests at Château Murfie (which kinda, sorta, maybe looks like the photo on your left), so feel free to mail us more CDs when the fancy strikes. Please note, however, that after two kit requests, mail-in kits remain free as long as you send us 100+ CDs in your kit. OK, break! Daily lesson plan is complete.