We Bid Adieu to TechStars – Demo Day

We made it! Demo Day on May 3rd marked the end of the TechStars Boston program. It was the chance of a lifetime to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists.

Heading into TechStars Demo Day, we had the honor of being the #2 most-buzzed about company, as ranked by Boston.com. Which is pretty sweet. Matt Younkle, co-founder & CEO of Murfie, also gave, if I may say so, a pretty sweet presentation to a room full of investors, press, and tech community members.

Here are some of the cooler factoids Matt shared with the audience:

  • You can think of Murfie as a bank for your music.
  • A Murfie member buys 15 times as many albums as your average music buyer.
  • “Send, Store, Stream” will soon be our new motto (streaming is now in private beta!).
  • Murfie Gold members can get access to beta streaming.
  • We’re working on browser, phone, and tablet streaming!
Pretty cool indeed, huh? In case you weren’t there, in Boston, to witness all the awesomeness, here’s a photo of Matt up on the Demo Day stage, doing his thing…

Murfie, Funding and TechStars

This post belongs to Murfie Musings–a series where folks at Murfie and our guests take the time to share what Murfie is up to as well as explore issues that matter to media ecology.

It raised a few eyebrows in the tech-startup business press when we announced raising money in conjunction with joining the TechStars Boston 2012 class. If we’ve already raised capital, the thinking goes, then what’s the point?

It’s true that a crucial objective of many companies at TechStars is raising their first real round of seed capital. Turns out there are also plenty of funded companies that participate in TechStars, too. Murfie can now be added to this growing list.

I’m a competitive guy. Most entrepreneurs are. The competition to make it into TechStars is intense for a startup at any stage of growth, and it’s an awesome group that gets selected to participate. I think that what our team has built is incredible, and it’s great to see recognition of that via our invitation into the TechStars community. We’re midway through the second week of the program, and I feel privileged to be surrounded by such an amazing bunch of entrepreneurs.

So why TechStars for Murfie? Because seed funding is only one small step along a long path toward success. We need help developing our marketing strategy. We need help simplifying our message. We need help nailing our metrics. We need help establishing strong connections to additional capital for our next big raise. Murfie has a long way to go, and we want to be able to crush it every step of the way. That’s why TechStars is absolutely the perfect place for Murfie right now.