This Week in Music History (May 22nd-May 28th)

What’s music history got for us this week? Learn up and boogie down!

27135-large5/22- Morrissey (you know—The Smiths!) was born on this day in 1959. In 1988, he released his first solo album, not long after The Smiths ended their five year stretch.

27980-large 5/23- The Grateful Dead performed at the Hollywood Music Festival in England on this day in 1970. This was the first Grateful Dead performance in the UK, and they undoubtedly gained some new international Deadheads that day.

85003-large5/24- On this day in 1969, Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes was born. Rich was a founding member of the band with his brother, Chris Robinson, and he continues to play guitar with The Black Crowes today.

12521-large 5/25- Bradley Nowell, unforgettable lead singer of the band Sublime, was found dead in a San Francisco motel on this day in 1996 after overdosing on heroin. Some argued that “Nowell’s death ended what was seen as a promising future for a band that gained extensive airplay…”, although the band’s legacy did not end at all—Sublime continues to be the proverbial reggae-rock band to this day.

198183-large5/26- John Lennon and Yoko Ono began their second official bed-in protest on this day in 1969. They chose a hotel in Montreal for this bed-in since John was not allowed in the U.S. after being charged with marijuana possession. It was near the end of this protest that the couple, along with other notables including Timothy Leary and members of the Canadian Radha Krishna Temple, recorded the song “Give Peace a Chance” in the hotel room, rather spontaneously.

607-large 5/27- Van Halen kicked off the “Monsters of Rock” concert tour at Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley Music Theatre on this day in 1988. Van Halen headlined the tour, while being joined by other hard rock gods like Metallica and Scorpions.

80882-large5/28- John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival was born in Berkeley on this day in 1945. Interestingly, the founding members of CCR are from California, even though they sing of “bullfrogs callin'” and “those cotton fields back home”.

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