[VIDEO] Start-ups in Wisconsin gain national funding

The start-up scene is thriving in Wisconsin! That’s why Murfie’s co-founders, Matt and Preston, along with other start-up founders in Madison, are increasingly reaching out to build new connections and partnerships on the East & West coasts.

“Smart growth” means thinking ahead on many levels, and access to capital at the right time and in the right amounts on good terms is important. While most of Murfie’s and other local tech start-ups’ investment still comes from close to home, we’re looking to a future of strong growth for our company, and for the ecosystem we’re a part of—which will involve larger Venture Capital (“VC”) investments from farther away.

That means we’re making sure we build strong relationships now. Trust me, an urgent need to raise 10 million dollars is a terrible way start a conversation. Better conversations with growth capital flow naturally when investors have warm introductions, see a company’s value, have time to see its plan and get comfortable with the team executing it. That comfort comes more easily when investors and their colleagues know a region has access to the people and resources fast growth requires. This all builds over time in a virtuous cycle.

We know Madison is a great place to build a tech start-up, and it has the depth needed to support our growth. Now, coastal capital is starting to know it too. We’re making sure the pool of investors who also understand that gets broader and deeper every day, so it’s there when the time is right to raise growth rounds.

Check out this video by Wisconsin Public Television, highlighting the connections Wisconsin start-ups are making to ensure a secure round of Venture Capital: