How To Thwart a $5M CD Heist! [Video]

March 2, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the CD in the good ol’ US of A. Americans own tens of billions of CDs, and Murfie’s mission is to warehouse them all—“upgrading” them with streaming and downloading for the 21st century.

Murfie is celebrating this auspicious moment by moving! Our customers now trust us with over $5,000,000 of their CDs and we’re receiving over 10,000 more CDs each week. And we take that trust verrry seriously—with armed police officers!

We just plum ran out of storage space! The setup of our new warehouse will be completed on the 2nd in honor of the 30th anniversary. Dangit—we just LOVE CDs :-) .

Your CDs are turning 30—isn’t it about time you kicked ‘em out of the house?!?! Send us yours:

In honor of the anniversary, and our move, we put together this little video that we hope you’ll enjoy! How does one safely and securely move 20,000 lbs of Compact Discs? Watch and find out!

Happy US Birthday, Compact Disc!

The Easy Breezy Art of Music Discovery

Today, I got a special video treat in my inbox. An acoustic cover of “Skinny Love” by indie folk band Bon Iver. (An aside. The city of Eau Claire must be so proud. Ahem ahem, FOUR Grammy nominations for Wisconsin native Justin Vernon and the rest of the super-talented gang. Four nominations! More than Lady Gaga [3]!) Wait, where was I? Got a bit off track. Oh yes, an acoustic cover of “Skinny Love” arrived in my inbox today…from Melissa Faulkner, a Murfie staffer who also happens to have a purdy voice. See for yourself…

YAY, Melissa! (AND Kris Roug!)

Honestly, you guys, it’s ridiculous how easy YouTube has made finding new music and artists. There’s so much untapped talent, and it’s pretty darn fun finding the next big thing first (who doesn’t like being ahead of the curve?!). I, myself, have freely trolled YouTube and other video-sharing sites for homemade music videos. I’m betting y’all have too. So, tell me – who’s the greatest, unsigned musician out there?