Vote Murfie 2012

You guys, we have the opportunity to make Murfie (that’s us!) Madison’s Favorite Tech Start-up. If you like us, I mean really like us, please cast your vote by Sunday, June 24 on the Isthmus‘ Madison’s Favorites Poll page.

Just enter “Murfie” in the “Favorite Tech Start-up” field (which is located under “Places Around Town” on the ballot). The best part is you don’t even have to fill out the entire ballot in order to submit it, so just make sure to fill in that one blank with Murfie.

Results will be published in August in the Isthmus‘ Annual Manual, as well as on their website

Did you vote yet? Good. Now tell your friends to do the same! We’ll be darn sure to send you an air five AND thank you in our acceptance speech. ;)

Tell Us How You Really Feel [POLL]

The Murfie experience is like peeling an onion. So many layers. So, so many layers. To peel away. To get to the core.

Murfie means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So…I was thinking about you thinking about us…and I was wondering…what made you sign up for Murfie? Or, what would make you sign up for Murfie? Settle on that one thing you like about us, and then let us know what that one thing is in the POLL below.

Feel free to elaborate on your One Thing in the comments section.

Who’s Your Grammy Winner?

My deep-seated love for polls is second only to my love for deep V-necks. (For some laughs: extreme V-necksfailed V-neck intervention.) And right now, the conditions are perfect for a lil poll action. Tomorrow night, 8/7 central, on CBS, is the GRAMMY Awards, and I’d really like to know which album you’re betting your bottom dollar on to win Album Of The Year.

The Nominees:
21 – Adele
Wasting Light – Foo Fighters
Born This Way – Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars
Loud – Rihanna

The Most Popular Disc on Murfie

UPDATE (Jan 13, 2012): The correct answer is…The Soft Parade by The Doors. Gotcha! – no one even voted for it. The second most popular disc in 2011 was 21 by Adele (so you guys were close on that one). Thanks for casting your votes! Polls are very niicce. :)

The answer may surprise you. Which album on Murfie has the distinction of being purchased the most times in 2011? Cast your vote!