Curious CDs

As you know, we frequently browse our Murfie marketplace for the most interesting discs to spotlight. So far, we’ve had good stuff like Irish Drinking Songs, the 1-2-3’s of playing the Didgeridoo, and all kinds of sound effects. Not gonna lie…we love the sound effects CDs! And we love to surprise each other in the office by playing the track clips of an album like this one:

Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whales

The Facts:41fXhlILyDL

  • You’ll definitely hear a lot of “oOoOooo”s and “mmmuueeerr”s on this one (along with some splashing and whatnot).
  • This album is perfect for those who live far away from the ocean. You could just hop on a raft in someone’s pool and play this baby from your iPod—and voila! Nature.
  • Humpback whales can grow to be 12-16 meters long and weigh 79,000 pounds. Cool!!

Note: Michael Jackson is not on this CD (You’re thinking of the Free Willy Soundtrack!).