It’s T-Shirt Time: The Winners!

Everyone, put on your prettiest T-shirt. Because soon, there’ll be some fierce competition for the finest tee in the land. The crew at Murfie have randomly selected the five lucky duckies—from our pool of Holiday Giveaway participants—who get to don a super fresh Murfie T-shirt.

Congrats are in order to Erico, Steve, Adam, Marcos and Matt. High fives to all!

These good folks also snag $10 of store credit to use on

If you failed to win the Murfie swag, don’t sweat it too much. Just keep a sharp eye on Promos + Giveaways here on our blog for all future contests.

Winner Winner Poetry Winner

Congratulations are in order. The Murfie crew has chewed over all the haiku entries from our “music-themed poetry contest”—and we’ve finally picked a winner! The winning haiku is…drumroll, please…

Out here in the fields
“I’m gonna do that one day”
Guitarist for hire

That lovely piece of poetry was penned by Murfie member Brian. For his poetic work, Brian will bag $50 of Murfie store credit plus a fresh Murfie T-shirt. Now, you’re probably thinking—I wish I won that swag. Do not fear; stay tuned here on our blog for the next shot at your free giveaway!

Pounds of Plastic We Recycled: the winner

Hey y’all, the winner to our Green Guessing Game has been determined… A big congrats to Melissa for leaving the guess closest to the actual weight of plastic we recycled. Melissa guessed 5,625 pounds; we recycled 6,600 pounds.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway contest! We lurve recycling plastic!

#1 Reason Giveaway: the winner

So remember how we asked you to tell us why we are so dang cool? Well, the team here at Murfie has chewed over all your submissions, and we’ve picked, what we think is, the top-dog answer.

Here it is, by Murfie member Paul: “A no-brainer: A lossless album for the price of a lossy song.” We totally heart lossless digital formats, plus we’re amped you guys are noticing our super low album prices.

For his brilliant response, Paul got $25 of store credit. Dolla dolla billz! Tune into our next giveaway contest for the chance to win some mo’ swag. Holla. Back.

Holiday Giveaway: a very green update

Congrats to Jeremy L for bagging the Murfie swag. He left the guess closest to the actual number of pounds of plastic we recycled. Jeremy guessed 5,555.5 pounds; we recycled 6,024 pounds.

A big thanks to everyone who participated. Don’t feel too crummy if you’re not the one taking home the prize. Really, everyone’s a winner…

less plastic in landfills = a cleaner environment

…so give yourself a pat on the back for being part of something good, public good. :)