Wishy Wednesday at Murfie

Let me start by saying, Murfie is the place where dreams come true. ;-)

We want to fulfill some of your wishes. Add albums to your Murfie Wishlist on a Wednesday (i.e. today), and you might just find those albums in your collection the next day. It’s as simple as that!

No tweeting or posting needed, no sharing URLs, no hassle at all. We’re trying something new this time, because we can. :-)

Now get wishin’!

Throwback Thursday Album Giveaway

Is there a Throwback Thursday album you want to see in your collection? We want to make your wish come true!

This blog post marks the ultimate fusion of two awesome things: Murfie Wishlists and Throwback Thursday. Tell us which Throwback Thursday album you miss, that you’d like to own again. You might just find that album in your inbox as a gift!

We only ask one thing in return—tell us what you love about the album! It could be a story about when you used to listen to the album, or how you found that band. Maybe you used to listen to the album with your parents, or it reminds you of spring break your freshman year.

Here’s how to give yourself a chance to get your album gift:

1. Add the album to your Murfie Wishlist
2. Tweet @murfiemusic or comment on our Facebook post with a link to the album
3. Share your story! Tell us in your tweet, or below the Facebook post!

You might just find your wish fulfilled tomorrow. Cheers! :)

Jagged Little Pill
Alanis has been throwin’ it back since ’95.

Autobuy Makes Wishes Come True!


We’ve just made it even easier to buy and sell albums on Murfie!

With our new Autobuy feature, you can choose what price points you’d be willing to buy an album for when it’s added to your Wishlist. (You can also go to your Wishlist and choose price points for those albums at any time).

As a seller, you can go to your Collection and look under your discs marked for sale, to see what price people would be willing to buy them for. Then you can adjust your price points accordingly, and the real wish-granting magic happens!


When the album becomes available for someone’s desired price, it will be bought automatically! It’s like we’re shopping for you when you sleep! Zzzzz.

Head over to your Wishlist and see what the buzz is all about—then add even more albums, and set your Autobuy price!


Murfie Genie

Murfie Wishlists are simply magical. Know why?

Everything from the Global Wishlist on our site is magically sent to our new twitter account, @murfiewishes. This twitter feed makes it possible for you (yeah—YOU!) to fulfill each other’s musical wishes.

With these new magical tools, you all have the power to see what others in the community are looking for, and you can help each other out if you’ve got an album sitting around that’s wanted by someone else. Don’t be shy about adding to your own Wishlist now that another member of the community might be able to help you find what your heart desires!

Oh, and don’t be shy to talk to Pinky, our new Murfie Genie (@PinkyTheGenie). We just hired him and he’s actually very chatty ;-)